Halo Wars 2 not updating

My Halo Wars 2 received an update about 4 days ago, asking me to update the game, 2.9MB update. I tried updating the game, but I keep going into a “Halo Wars 2 needs and update” loop. I contacted Microsoft support, and they were unable to help me. I cleared my Xbox cache, reseted my Xbox, deleted the game several times, nothing works. Can someone please help me with this, it’s -Yoink!- me off that I only played the game for 3 days and now I’m unable to play. I have the Halo Wars 2 complete collection by the way for Xbox One.
Thank you.
The last Microsoft support staff gave me a reference number: 1400372270.

This is part of a known issue and has been investigated by 343 and escalated to the team at Xbox. Looks like Xbox have identified the issue and are working to fix, just a matter of waiting for that to happen. Keep updated with this topic for for more details: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/f0258e8001734968984e8b56990f8daf/topics/halo-wars-2-installation-stopped-fixed/0babd33e-849e-42c2-997a-774f28ceaace/posts