Halo wars 2 not saving on pc

Title pretty much sums it up.

I’m trying to get achievements and I just did all of the objectives on the first two missions. Logged out, came back later to continue and it looks like I’ve never beaten a single mission (I’ve played the whole game.)

I played again through till the 2nd mission started and logged out to the main screen. It did save my progress through the first mission. Restarted the xbox app and game again, and my progress is gone again.

The weird thing is when I started playing HW2 again a few weeks ago (after years of not having played) my progress was all there. And when I started working to beat it on Legendary it was saving my progress. Then all of a sudden it started disappearing every time I logged out.

Thoughts? Similar issues?

Never mind.

I uninstalled/reinstalled all the xbox and Halo Wars apps on my pc and everything is as it should be.

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This game had a save data related problem and the update was abandoned.