halo wars 2 mission 9 legendary under the dark

mission 9 on legendary under the dark is a very challenging level but the energy beam is way over powered i keep losing my armys and it keeps coming back way to fast

any tips aswell please

Spartan should lead the army as a scout because the chance of the AI using the glassing beam on a single spartan is slim to none. 4-6 kodiacs should be far enough from combat to protect said spartan. Just keep inching your way to the end. Should only need a few snipers (cloaking to pick up spartan) and Cyclopes backing up the spartan/front line and 2 marines for protecting/healing the kodiacs.

Oh and always take the high road! You get more sight and range :+1:t2:

it been awhile since i played the campaign, me and my buddy beat it on legendary in 2 days.

i remember a lot of swearing at how stupid the legendary ai are. the beam cool down in the campaign is like 20 seconds lol

honestly 343 did a terrible job on designing the ai in campaign, instead of making them actuall difficult to push on unit wise they made it so the ai can spam abilities and hold you back. thats not alot of fun