Halo wars 2 Missing DLC from Season Pass

I recently purchased the disc version of Halo wards 2: ultimate edition. It comes with a disc for halo wars 2 and a code which contains halo wars: definitive edition plus the halo wars 2 season pass. For reference, the halo wars 2 season pass is supposed to contain:
-Commander Jerome Leader Pack
-Colony Leader Pack
-Serina Leader Pack
-Yap Yap Leader Pack
-Sergeant Johnson Leader Pack
-The Arbiter Leader Pack
-Kisano Leader Pack
-Operation: Spearbreaker

After entering my code, I received halo wars: Definitive edition plus the Kisano Leader Pack. I did not receive any of the other DLC in the halo wars 2 season pass. I contacted xbox support about this, and we went spent well over an hour troubleshooting the issue, including looking up the DLC online, setting my xbox as my home xbox (which did not help in any way but still wasted one of my three remaining switches) to no avail. They said that my account had the licenses for all of the DLC, but I am still not able to access ANY of the DLC except for halo wars: definitive edition and the Kisano leader pack. When I go to the store, only Halo wars: Definitive edition plus the Kisano Leader Pack shows up as purchased, every single other bit of DLC is available for purchase.

They said to contact he developer. 343 industries doesn’t have any support number, and going through creative assembly brought me here.

Has anyone else had this problem? I just want to be able to access the DLC which I paid for.
Thanks in advance for any advice/help.

I had the same problem, only Kinsano and Halo Wars Definitive Edition