Halo Wars 2 Main/Socket Base in Infinite

Hi 343 could we get the Main bases (UNSC Firebase, Banished Outpost) with there respective socket buildings to complement the current buildings/bases types.

these main base types would be configured for there objective for the banished example airbase,ground base,space port.
for UNSC the fire bases can get upgraded as player levels up and the player can choose the sockets they want to build an airbase,ground base,space port.

Applicable Buildings will have working interiors with enemies/Allie’s inside.

Also it can integrated into game play mechanics, example when you order vehicle it will be picked up from UNSC Vehicle Depot/UNSC_Garage and delivered to the FOB or Firebase.player with marine ODST strike force has take out Banished airbase to stop banished air strikes in the area.

•Tech Tree

UNSC Firebase

-Socket Buildings-
*UNSC Reactor
*UNSC Space port for sabers and other space craft.

  • UNSC Airpad
  • UNSC Vehicle Depot
    *UNSC Garage
  • UNSC Field Armory
    *UNSC Armory
  • UNSC Barracks
  • UNSC Supply Pad
  • UNSC Generator
  • Base turret
  • Siege Turret
  • Watchtower

Banished Outpost

-Socket Buildings-

  • Banished Harvester
  • Banished Power Extractor
  • Banished Raid Camp
  • Banished War Council
  • Banished Apex
  • Banished Foundry
  • Eklon’Dal Workshop Antlion
  • Spike turret
  • Banished shield generator
  • Sensor Tower
  • Cloaking Generator
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i can honestly say the more halo wars stuff we see in infinite the better, characters, enemies, weapons, vehicles… new thought just popped in as i was writing this

dude when forge is out you know someone is going to recreate a halo wars map and vehicles for a narly btb game

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I also made a post about these assets in to made for multiplayer as well.

lord knows id play that game

With actual good vehicle lanes

of course but you realize ill be crashing into the player who lives in the uk… just got some irreconcilable lane differences there…