Halo Wars 2 Leadboard API missing?

When reading through documentation, I thought there was a section for the Halo Wars 2 Leaderboard under Documentation → Stats. Was this removed? I see the one for halo 5 leaderboard stats…

Hi Mmmewtwo! Previously, Halo Wars 2 Leaderboards weren’t supported via the Halo API. However, starting today, they’re now available. See the “Stats - Halo Wars 2 - Leaderboard - Player CSR” endpoint. More information is available here. Thanks for your interest in the API!

Awesome! Thank you Respected Sir!

Hey Respected Sir, I tried the call out with season Id efce9fb1-92d2-42f1-ba2d-7ba57a40c91d and playlist Id f98a4189-b766-41fa-afe3-4ff385304ee4 after clicking “Try it” and got Start": 0, “Count”: 200, “ResultCount”: 0. Did I do anything wrong? Also, can I use Start parameter in this call just like other calls? I didn’t see start parameter on the test page after clicking “Try it”.

Hi Mmmewtwo!

The reason you’re not getting results is because the Season you’re requesting just started and there aren’t any players with CSRs greater than or equal to 1800 yet. If you try the previous Season or a different Playlist in this Season, you should see results. You can cross-reference your results with the leaderboards here on Halo Waypoint (link). I’ve updated the documentation for both the Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 “Leaderboard - Player CSR” endpoints to clarify that only players with CSRs of 1800 are included in the response.

The leaderboard endpoint doesn’t support a start or startAt parameter. It just returns up to the top 250 players (customizable with the count parameter).

Thanks for your interest in the API!

Ah makes sense, thanks Respected Sir for the reply!

Is there any possibility of adding a start or startAt parameter in the future? Curious how they got their leaderboard working over at izHere.net… must have been a lot of data put together haha.

We don’t have plans at this time to add a startAt parameter, sorry.