Halo wars 2 is great!

To 343 Industries

Hello! I am big fan of halo wars and halo wars 2, I have been playing this game non-stop lately. However I am not a very good social person as I am shy and not very confident talking to people. I have the halo wars 2 ultimate edition which is great, but Is there any possibility that I can get a another copy for free so I can share it to my friend who is new to the halo wars/halo universe but is a huge fan in RTS games. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the money to buy this game straight away, so I wanted to surprise him.

If you are generous another copy of the halo wars 2 game would be great (standard or ultimate), but I know this is a business so is there a possibility of giving me a discount so I can purchase halo wars 2 again :wink: Any reply would be great!