Halo Wars 2 idea

I’ve played Halo Wars, it was fun. A cool feature in Halo Wars 2 would be the ability to capture Covenant tech (such as energy shields) and use it upgrade your UNSC base, vehicles, weapons et al. Also to more defensive/offensive abilities for your UNSC base such as mortors, and missiles (all upgradeable.)

Base upgrades (besides having a fortress) would be a great idea. Increasing Health, Defenses, and more building tiles. Also, upgrading buildings to increase abilities or capabilities of that building would be amazing. Being able to upgrade a vehicle depot to train better units, more unit upgrades, and increased production would be amazing. Adding those extra details and options can really expand tactics and strategies for the game.

What about a base design mode for longer games. Where you can flatten terrain and customise the look of your bases. As well as weapons, traps, radar just to make you HQ more powerful and meaningful when it is taken down

How about building custom bases, it provides the player with so many options.

There’s a ton of good ideas by players. Don’t think all of them will be happening however