Halo wars 2, glitch issue

Want to add 2 things that is frustrating me even I knew its beta but I am really loving this game and eyes for a W but sometimes game prevent me from it.

Heres 2 things need to be fixed:

  1. when the game start, sometimes I get stuck with blue stripe saying “waiting for players” but I can see the map and base, I am seeing the partner and enemies moving but me. I had to quit and start all over again to play a new match. It happen few times with Domination and deathmatch, most noticable is on deathmatch.

  2. This is the most frustrating I am talking about. When I am playing for hour and is dominated the game, my team is already gone due to disconnect or quit. I stayed and controlled the game then get the message saying I am defeated and ended the game? This happen more now than before, I got 2 defeated yesterday night for nothing and one today again when I know for certain that I would have won this. This is what pissed me off, hour on it and get defeated when I should have won? Please have it fixed. Thanks! By the way, love the game!! But up the notch on the glitches more please. Lol Thanks!