Halo Wars 2 Game Mode Idea

Okay so let me start off by saying this is not my idea but I really really want it to get heard so I’m starting a topic in light of the original idea author’s wisdom.

So the person in question who came up with this goes by “nickcolavita” on Waypoint, so all credit goes to him for this idea and I absolutely love it!

> Maybe have a game mode where one player starts as flood and as he kills other players they become flood faction too. Kind of like normal halo flood/infection

I really hope you guys upvote this thread and comment on whether or not you like this idea.

Of course I want to clarify this should be strictly only part of a special gamemode. We all want playable flood but it shouldn’t convert the actual player and his allegiance to flood. Only for this gamemode.

Make sure to tell me what you think! This really needs to get seen by Creative Assembly or someone who can influence them! (imo XD)

How does this work in an RTS?

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Lol that was my comment. It was a sloppy idea but if made correctly it could work. The player starting as flood would have an advantage of course. Like normal flood/infection, the survivors have to work together to survive until the time runs out. They would be on defense the entire time, waiting for an extraction ship or something. Keeping your allies alive would be key, so sending units to help them defend is a must(the amount of times my teammates didn’t do that in the original is too high). It’s a bad idea, but with a few tweaks it could turn out to be ok

How about having to send soldiers to evac as well? Say you have to evac a certain amount of units to win but still have to defend.

The way I saw it was survival and elimination, just like in the FPS infection.

One idea I had was that you, as the infected player, would have to eliminate the survivors’ bases (or maybe their original base) and they would convert to flood, but it would be like starting flood are alpha flood, they’re stronger and have better perks maybe, and the players who get infected are weaker but still effective in numbers.

great idea one problem the flood as we know are uber powerful (talking about the halo wars 1 campaign with insane 8 star thrasher forms yes they killed 3 star elephant in under 10 seconds O_O) yea but i think the flood needs to be died down a bit oh and the original halo wars normal units were planed to have 9 max stars=brutal spree so odsts 9 stars we all know the 14 star Spartans inside grizzles were no other way to put it gods so if the maps are gonna be like that make the maps large spread out oh and dont make grizzles invulnerable to everything. Flood needs a chance to win 2 ya know oh yes maybe have it so that nothing is to overpowered but im thinking as time grinds on spawned flood units get more stars and are harder to kill. but dont start off like that campaign in halo wars 1 :expressionless: i think some may agree with that.

How about a mode just for fun like a cloverfield monster that requires a lot of firepower to take down, maybe instead of the cloverfield monster an over powered gravemind or scarab or mantis could even use a guardian but have multiple people fight together against it.