Halo wars 2 future ideas

Hello, I know this may be a lot to ask but nothing ventured nothing gained. Is it possible at the end of the halo wars 2 life-span or maybe even in a future update to see more unique units for each leader to make them more viable and actually different? I understand not everything can be and will be added but the state of the game at the moment is decent but I just don’t like the idea that a 2008 C&C Red alert game has more unique units and verity then a 2017 halo game built for RTS. I know there is probably a smaller team making the game but I honestly think doing this would make replay-ability go through the roof, you don’t have to go over the top just think logically when adding the units, I know this will take time and money to do but people who have forgotten about the game because of how repetitive it has gotten would get people playing again and more incentive to purchase the characters/season pass.

Here’s a list of things you could add -

Banished vehicles
Shadow (halo 2) (2 Ghosts link with it)
Gorgon (Anti-fast infantry just like revanent but more tanky like mantis)

Banished Infantry
Jackals with Shields
Rangers (focus rifle and jetpacks)
Hunters with different weapons like on Halo 5

UNSC Vehicles
Sparrow hawk

UNCS Infantry
Cyclops that repair
Infantry that are similar to rangers but have medic ability and come with BR’s
Shotgun marines (Comes in pack of 2, close range like flamers but bit longer range with less damage)

Buff’s that need
Flamers need to have damage over time like a poison effect after the unit has stopped burning
Suicide grunts need the acid ability from hw1
GrizzlyTanks are useless comparing to other vehicles

I know nothing will be done about this but I’d like people to comment and like the post if they want to see more verity in the characters too. The game is good and has potential it lacks in unique units. Please feel free to comment below what you’d like to see added or done about the characters. And just because it’s not in the list doesn’t mean you cant come up with a unique unit yourself that can fit into the halo lore.

Or atleast give us mod tools to do it ourselves

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Swiftly I would like to see the the special forces of elite energy sword coming back, and the brute special forces. I would also would enjoy a larger verity of Sentinel technology. Professor Andres has given us a few but in Halo Legend, the games, comics, and wiki there are a lot more. I would also like to see Atriox deploy himself in battle with his Gravity Mace with an ability that makes him invisible for a few short seconds so we don’t not have waste a leader ability. The elite rangers need to have access to upgrades such as better sniper rifles just like the jackal’s did in Halo Wars. I would love to see the elites and grunts interact more with one another as well in terms of dialogue. As for vehicles, it would be nice to have anti-air wraith for a future leader, also I want the ODST to have their OP shotguns back as back well.

…Actually… let me organize my thoughts…

Captain Cutter----------------------For his ODSTs I would like the return of the shotguns to give them a bit more value in battle. I believe he should have access to the Elephant again for mini-mobile base and garrison solutions. The marines need to know the grenade throw ability at the start of the game instead of having to research it. (THAT GOES FOR ALL UNSC LEADERS) The marine squad should have one ODST leader as the squad leader, and Cutter’s marines should have access to the medic ability. (That upgrade need to be unique to him and him alone)

Isabelle————---------------------- Perfectly fine. But put shielding on Vultures!!

Professor Andres-------------------- As I said before Andres should have a way larger variety of forerunner and sentinel technology. Example, her air and Arsenal could be replaced with forerunner tech or maybe a hybrid between UNSC and Forerunner tech, like maybe her units do a lot more damage but cannot take as much punishment. For Andres since she is air-based, I would like to see the Wolverine be replaced with something half UNSC and Forerunner.
(The Wolverine needs to have its volley ability back or some type of ability that allows it to stun, same with flame throwers)

Forge---------------------------------- The grizzly needs to be an upgrade and not a starting out unit. Forge’s Cyclops could be replaced with the Cobra (Unique to him only) since forge main thing is Vehicle and heavy armor based tactics.

@ProvableGrub45#8182 You clearly thought this out but you must remember the game mechanics, so of the things that you listed would be extremely broken and totally unfair. Based on what you are saying and have listed, it sounds like the grunt could spawn in a limitless supply of grunt troops just from leader abilities. Not only that but also increase their attack. (DO YOU WORK FOR 343?). But ultimately I cannot complain because I am dying to see a grunt kick some -Yoink- and hopefully they will have so funny -Yoink- dialogs just like in Halo Four and Five. ---------------------------------------As for Serina, if they do make her ODST based, then I would like to see more of the special forces units of the UNSC return with her. I believe that the Elephant and Gremlin would make a great edition to the game. Not only that but I also believe that Serina should be a cross version of Cutter, Forge, and Andres (Have access to the old leader abilities and for her passive leader abilities to basically be the economy bonuses from HaloWars one). Serina should be able to train ODST, Grizzlies, and Hawks (Replace all regular units with “super” units). Serina is making a comeback to the game and I honestly would love to see something that fits to her “smart -Yoink-” and “sarcastic” personality.