Halo Wars 2 Freezing

My game has been freezing again and again. Even before the newest update. My game either freezes and crashes mid game or freezes and then spends the next 10-20 secs catching up on what happened in the game. Any ideas?

This occurred to me 2 times today and it fixed itself a after 15seconds.
I also froze 100% on 1 ranked 2v2 with my other rank 50 buddy.
Man it sucks leaving him on accident by freezing. His just helps me keep my Bronze 1 Rank.

No ideas, freezes have been around since day 1.
They have since improved (gotten better)

This has been occurring with me but it’s at the start of each game I play. It will freeze for roughly 5 seconds or so then finally allow me to play and build things. After it un-freezes it will be delayed though with what I am doing action wise with building a building or unit, but after 10 seconds or so it seems to stable itself and run normal. But this occurs every single game regardless of what I play.

Playing on Xbox One
United States
GT: Drewberg