Halo Wars 2 Forge/Map Editor

I’d like to see a forge type mode on Halo Wars 2. To make bigger maps & see large battles for 6 vs 6 teams.

This could be a possibility since it’s coming to PC on windows 10, it could be done with a controller (Forge) but building a map from the ground up may require a PC (Map Creator)

Don’t get your hopes up for a 6v6, that sounds a little too ridiculous.
As far as a map editor goes, I hope we at least get something simple, like adding, removing, or moving a watch tower, bonus reactor, free/neutral base(s), supplies and enemies on map, etc. Given the technology of a computer over a console, modifying some terrain wouldn’t be too far out of the question.

Possible but couldn’t imagine it as crazy as the halo shooters halo 3 especially, good times.

Dreams are dreams but rarely achieved.