Halo wars 2 Editions

Please 343 can you create special editions of Halo wars 2. Can the special be like the original Halo wars and include Exclusive character skins and other DLC only available with the special edition and a steel book case . Can you not include halo wars with Halo wars 2 as a bonus because that adds no value to the game and every game company is doing it - many players like myself all ready own the game . As a pre order bonus can you include skins for Multiplayer maybe one or 2 like a warthog skin.

If you are going to develop new maps for the game can they be developed at a later date and not rushed at in a few months. Can you Develop party sizes up to 6 players and party teams so 6 V 6 5 V 5 and 4 V 4. Also well as the orginal amount from Halo wars 1 V 1 2v2 and 3v3. Can you add in more factions to play as including the Flood and Rebel armys. Can you allow Spartans to Jack more Units including Uber units.

Following Halo’s past, I am sure it’ll happen.

there might be 3 editions

I’m absolutely positive there will be special editions just as all the other Halo’s including the original Halo Wars. I hope so anyway, I’m really excited to see what’s in store for this project :smiley:

Or a special unit, some form if faction, or a leader in a special edition

What game doesn’t release with special editions?

I’m pretty sure they’d release special editions. I mean every game pretty much does atleast 1 special editions.

I think 3 editions