Halo Wars 2 Dissconnect Help

Hey guys, first off I love Halo Wars 2, the campaign, the multiplayer, the art style, it finally feels like Halo again to me, however in the multiplayer I’ve played 19 games, won 9, and lost 10. Bad record right? Well I’ve disconnected from 5 of those 19 games and those counted as losses. All these Dissconnects have happened when I was leading a full army assault against the enemies final base, has this been happening to other people? And is there a way to fix it?

Yeah my issue is where what happens to you happens, but also in campaign it won’t load missions and let me start.

It usually happens to me after I’ve left for a while and the controller disconnects.

So whenever I see that message I restart the console, and now it happens a lot less often.

Wait for the patch this week that should fix these issues.