Halo wars 2 digital copy broken

My Halo Wars 2 digital copy always freezes at 24% on updating the game. When I try other apps or games, they all give this error code: 0x8027025a. I called Xbox support twice with this issue but the best option they can provide me with Is a hard reset to allow me to use the games and apps but still not my Halo Wars 2 copy. Whenever I try redownloading it and after uninstalling it and hard resetting my Xbox One S, it always freezes at 24% and the whole cycle restarts again. I’m disappointed no one can help me with this problem, I bought the ultimate edition of this game since December of last year. Sadly, I received nothing from Xbox after reporting this problem.
My gamertag: Uniformskate646
My system: Xbox one s
My region: North America (United States)