Halo Wars 2 Crashing on Startup

Hello, I recently bought Halo Wars 2 and for whatever reason, when it starts, it crashes nearly immediately without any crash message, all I see is the Halo Wars 2 title card, then it closes, my specs can definitely run the game. I’ve reinstalled the game over and over on both my boot and not my boot drive. I have looked online and tried every solution but had nothing, any help would be greatly appreciated

I have the the almost exact same problem. I manage to get as far as starting up a campaign level and get the briefing, but the second it starts to load the level it just closes out. I’ve tried rebooting and reinstalling but it’s not working.

Having the exact same issue just reinstalled to game for the first time in years and when i try to open it it shows for 1 second then closes. I have tried every solution i could find to no avail.
Reinstalled 5 different times across 2 drives
Application reset
Windows event log shows nothing on it
Cant be my specs i have:
I7 6950x
2X gtx titans

Any help soon would be greatly appreciated.