Halo Wars 2 crashing in loading screen UNPLAYABLE

So I bought Halo Wars 2 this Saturday and started installing it right away. And once it is installed it kept crashing no matter whatbo chose to play. I did everything to fix it. I cleaned it even if it was new I reset my internet, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, I contacted Microsoft support and no matter how friendly and helpful they were it still didn’t help. I factory reset my game and still nothing. So I gave up and went back and asked for another copy. And guess what happens? Exactly you guessed it it still did not work. I am NOT a happy customer. I know it is not my Xbox too because I put in other Xbox One games and even Xbox 360 games and it ran perfectly fine. So this is a message to 343i FIX THIS GAME. I know that there are other people dealing with this problem so stop ignoring us and fix this!!! I feel robbed and this feels like a slap to the face to me. Please fix this. Thank you.

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