Halo Wars 2 Crashes In "The Halo" Campaign Mode

Is anyone else now having problems in Campaign mode after the latest patch update . I am currently trying to start The Halo level in campaign mode but it crashes and goes to black screen with a strange warbling noise. Not happy, why do we pay premium money for games that don’t work properly??

I can’t load any missions without the game crashing on the xbox one.

I got the same problem as well.

Edit: Okay, so after 4 restarts, Campaign is working again. Weird.

Same problem after 7Gb patch.

Same problem here on Windows 10 AU (production), latest Nvidia drivers. Campaign crashing after loading screen. Rolled back to previous Nvidia GPU driver, but that did not fix the problem.

Yesterday after the patch, I couldn’t load any of my saves (on Xbox One). I had to start the mission I was on from scratch, then was able to load new saves fine. Not sure what happened but maybe the patch corrupted my old saves or something.

This is stupid, I can’t play this game. It’s the Master Chief Collection all over again!!

Yea, it’s a more than a little annoying to get an update that causes the exact same issue that it’s supposed to fix. Hopefully they are able to find a fix here pretty quick, otherwise this game is getting shelfed.

Same issue for the last week or so. I tried uninstalling, restarting, installing, and restarting. Nothing worked. After reading each post I decided to start a new campaign taking me back to the beginning and it now works. I couldn’t start a new one where I was nor load. Starting a brand new campaign from the first one seems to be the only way to get it to work.

I can’t access any saved levels, or start the mission mission i was on over. Seems the only fix is to restart the entire campaign…

Im not doing tha anf wasting more hours, this is bull. How has there not been any fix yet?