Halo wars 2 campaign froze

Im playing campaign on the halo wars 2 on easy and when I reach the mission of Alice-130. The short video of the mission starts and when it ends and the controll should get back to me the game froze and im kicked out to xbox one main screen.
Microsoft support couldn’t help.
Please advice

Alrighty I guess lets do a quick troubleshoot.

  • How many times have you loaded up the level? - Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? - Have you tried unplugging your Xbox’s power cable for 30 seconds and replugging it? - Are you playing on the latest update? - Are you connected to the internet while playing?
  1. I loaded up the level from saved point few times. The saved point is from the end of the mission before.
  2. Uninstalled and installed again no luck
  3. Remove account and add it again
  4. Soft reset and other things that from support told me to do.
  5. Unplugged for 30 sec. Did everything in settings that from Microsoft support told me to do
  6. I dont have an update for the game so I guess its latest version.
  7. Internet is always on wired. Fast internet
    The first few missions worked but when I reach Alice130 mission the mission starts with a short video and then after few seconds froze and im kicked out to xbox one main screen