Halo Wars 2 Campaign and Multiplayer

I know this is late but I’ve had time to play more Halo now so I would like to ask everyone who likes Halo Wars 2 Campaign and Multiplayer

From what I’ve been told, the campaign is much better thanHalo 5’s. The multiplayer once again brings back daily and weekly challenges and a new game mode called Blitz. Basically you can earn Blitz packs and open it, revealing five cards. If you get several of the same card, that card will level up. Leveling up makes the unit more efficient in combat. There’s also Blitz Firefight where you battle against waves after waves of AIs. You ha control at least two points to prevent the AIs from scoring. The level of difficulty increases after a certain amount of waves. The difficulties are Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. The rest of the multiplayer I have no idea.

Just remembered, if you want you can buy Sgt. Forge for free. That will get you him as a leader and five Blitz packs. I’m pretty sure that they contain all his leader restricted cards.