Halo Wars 2 Bugs

Hello everyone!

So I’m loving HW2 so far, there are only a few things that I do not like but overall very fun and great experience! I am playing on Windows 10 PC and I am playing from North America USA, my gamertag is RentalCookie127
However there are a few bugs I found so far, I’ll start with the minor one.

  1. In Blitz Firefight I had a few Level 3 Blisterbacks and my Engineer would heal them, however he would get stuck perpetually healing the same one because for some reason the Blisterbacks just would not heal to full health, they’d heal up and have like a little bit of the black part of the health bar showing and the Engineer would just forever heal it and ignore other low health units.

  2. As for the second bug, I’m pretty certain this is already in the known issues but I wanted to reiterate it just to show a lot of people are having this problem. When joining a matchmaking game you will most times have very bad framerate and poor performance, I try my best not to quit the match but sometimes it is just unbearable. This is exclusive to matchmaking, campaign, skirmish, and Blitz firefight works fine.

I found a bug during the mission “under the dark” where I had Alice in the kodiak and when it got to the objective the kodiak becam an ai unit but the game didnt recognize that it was in position

There’s a bug on the map sentry in which when the bridge activates, people will sometimes get kicked. I got kicked 11 times on that map so far. I’m really hoping we see these issues fixed