Halo Wars 2 Beta Feedback

As a fan of both Halo Wars and Creative Assembly I am thrilled with having one of the best RTS studios make this game.
I loved the Deathmatch Beta and as a community member I will give my tips for the future of the game.
1.More A.I and map specific advantages. One thing many loved about Halo Wars 1 was every map had a special advantage to it worth using. Such as the turret in tundra or the bridges in Terminal Moraine. Also more A.I would help the map feel more alive and be anti rush as people would have to take time to conquest. Map control should be key.
2.A.I should take over for players who quit. No one likes A.I on their team but the match is ruined the second someone quits, at least give players something to help them out.
3.Air Vehicles are very very slow
4. More vehicle for UNSC and Covenant. I don’t understand why in the same month as the beta Halo 5 announced a grunt goblin mech and a UNSC aircraft vehicle and they are not in Wars 2. The Golbin Mech would be a perfect unit especially with the addition of an upgraded cyclops and the new UNSC VTOL would be a fan favorite for obvious reasons. Who’s to say they weren’t in the timeline? They were only added to War zone.