Halo Wars 2: Battles

Would anyone want a game like HomeWorld 2 Remastered or Star Wars: Forces of Corruption, except Halo textured. It would be amazing to have space battles and land battles, Infinity vs Covenant Capitol Ship. Use a Pelican/Phantom to transport troops, or have a 2 vs 2, when one is in space, and the other is on the ground. When the space player wins, they can unleash a Mac Blast/Covenant Glass beam (don’t know the name) at a cost of a lot of resources, then they can send troops to each other. Boarding crafts and then a battle happens inside the ship, and you have to destroy the reactor, but you have to send a good amount of troops because the ship is heavily fortified. More population for sure, for bigger battles. What do you guys want to see in Halo Wars 2?

Up Dpad takes you to the space battle map and down Dpad takes you back down to the Ground map.

your Colony Ship (spirit of fire) is your production base and later cruisers are your expansion production bases.

Air forces can fight on the ground map and the space map and ships can use some weapons and abilities on the ground map.

resources are all on the ground map (making it important to hold) and ground based defenses (covenant anti air plasma batteries or UNSC ground based MAC cannons) provide support for the space battle.

Infantry are used to Infiltrate buildings on the ground and enemy ships via insertion pods and transports.

could be viable except for the infiltration of buildings which seems like an useless annoying feat that players will learn to hate.

effectively, swarm the enemy base with marines and occupy every buidling and you get free reign to destroy them whenever you damn well please

Most key structures (barracks) would have passive security even when undefended that would fight back/delay enemy infiltration. (The barrack personnel resisting the attack) so that you cannot easily spam low tier infantry to do as you describe. It would require elite infantry to effectively take over a primary structure.

The infiltration mechanic woul be primarily aimed at using infantry to disable undefended anti orbital structures (as actually happens in Halo multiple times)

also considering that the spirit of fire is your main production base you can still spam infantry to counter the enemy.

I am also in favour of an ammo counter/supply system in which units in combat lose ammo over time and eventually have to retreat to friendly territory to reapply or have supplies sent to them to keep pushing, giving home field advantages.

this would mean thy as long as you can stop enemy transports, enemies who take over your structures would not be able to hold them indefinitely without support.