Halo Wars 2 article

I wrote this up a few weeks ago, and essentially, it’s a gathering of evidence that points towards the existence of Halo Wars 2.

Enjoy: http://www.haloarchive.com/thelibrary/2014/11/4/is-halo-wars-2-on-the-horizon

And discuss. That too.

It’s very well possible it will come out! However, I feel as if a lot of the units sold because at first launch, being a halo title right after Halo 3, it induced sales. That, on top of the fact that it offered the Mythic 1 DLC for Halo 3 prior to when it came out to the public.

That’s a pretty interesting article Andy, I didn’t even know that HW2 was getting thrown around. I never finished Halo Wars, but I did think that it was a pretty solid RTS for a console, so it’d be pretty cool to see a sequel for it.

I hope this game really happens.

Halo Wars was only ok in my opinion. Still may be cool though.

estaria exelente un halo wars 2, pero con las graficas del xbox one, :smiley: