Halo Wars 2 AI

So not a lot of people put thought into the AI or bots When new games come out. I’m pretty curious to see how they will tweak the AI to suit the game. Halo Wars AI was always interesting to watch play. They adapt throughout the game most times, and try to actually adapt to the enemies strategies. They also assisted one another and players if they saw enemy units attacking an allied base. You don’t see that with a lot of RTS these days. Especially the magnitude of how helpful the AI is.
If you look at a lot of PC RTS you’ll notice the AI is always biased into building a set type/amount of units then attacks some random spot. That leads to the AI being very easy to counter and less fun to play against.
I for one rarely played online with Wars. I didn’t find it THAT fun to go through super turtle games and 3 hours stalemates. Then there was the opposite of everyone rushes and yadda yadda. I was just more AI kinda guy because it suited my time and patience. But i would like to see the AI mostly the same. It surely wasn’t hard, but it did give it some unique feeling and variety while playing.

What do you guys think? i am quite curious to see if anyone has any interest in the AI. And like i said, hopefully the keep it the same, but seeing how Ensemble isnt creating it, that may not be viable, but we’ll certain see.

Serina 2.0???