HALO WARS 1 menu song?

Another song plays In the background. It is peaceful with a piano playing but it is not Insignificantia. I bought the album but I still cannot find it. Anyone know?

Halo Wars OST - Spirit of Fire

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> Halo Wars OST - Spirit of Fire

I’ve listened to Spirit of Fire over 100 times and it’s not the song I am talking about. It only has a piano. It takes a while to start up but I noticed it after about 5 minutes.

Starts only after roughly 5 minutes and only plays softly in the background? I’m sorry but I’d be shocked if the song you’re looking for had a name.

I know which one your talking about. Plays after I get into MM lobbies all the time. Sadly, I don’t know the name of it. If I find it, I’ll edit this post with the name.

EDIT: I couldn’t find it. Must be an unreleased OST. Closest thing I found was something called Flollo. That is the weirdest name for a soundtrack I have ever heard.

Maybe its a small part of a song already in the ost