Halo War Stories

With all the butt hurt and angst running wild on the forums, I thought it would be fun to remember why a lot of us play this game in the first place, to have fun with friends.
So, I thought I would tell a tale as to why I am still looking forward to playing this game with my friends, no matter how long it takes to work out the kinks.
Please feel free to tell stories about playing the campaign or MP, as both have equal measure for fun times.

Before Halo 3 was released my friend and I decided to play through Halo 1 and 2 in preparation, on Legendary of course. It was wrought with death and destruction, as any game on Legendary is, but we were in a particular bind in the middle of Assault on the Control Room. We were in the circular area where there are more than a few high level Elites, both of us in the red and low on ammo and grenades. We managed to pincer most of them when my friend was slapped by an Orange Elite and died. He yelled to me to run as I was out of shields and my gun was out of ammo, but I was already charging the Elite, bellowing a cry of revenge. I caught the Orange Elite before he could shoot me and proceeded to melee him for the next few seconds until he perished at my hand. Immediately my friend re-spawned and just looked at me saying “Dude, that was awesome,” to which I replied, “Dude, kill me.” Easily one of the best campaign moments I have ever had. Of course, once we got to Halo 2 and discovered the re-spawn back at the checkpoint stuff, that en devour died quickly.

There was also this time where a different friend and I were playing a MP game on Halo 3. I forget the name of the map, it is the one with two bases on either side, an open hilly field with missile silos, and warthogs at either base. It was 4v4 slayer and our teammates had either rage quit or got booted or something, but we were outnumbered. Somehow we both managed to secure the two shotguns on the map and took up defensive positions in the hallway in one of the bases. Now, the enemy team could easily have won had they left us alone, but seemed intent on T-bagging our corpses. Unfortunately for them, our shotgun skills were unmatched, and they fell time and time again, losing the game by 20 kills. After that we shared an appropriate fist bump and set out to find out next victims.

That’s an awesome story, bro. And for my first post, I’ll share an experience.
I remember one time when I was playing on Sandtrap in Halo 3. We were losing against really high level pro’s, about 15 kills behind, and my friend went in for a suicide run, while I got a Ghost. My friend got shot by this sniper while I started getting over there. He got killed by the sniper’s buddy, and by that time, I was boosting towards the sniper on the east side of the map.
The sniper started shooting at me, but I was going over a ramp, when his buddy threw a Plasma Grenade. I was really angry, so I charged the non-sniper, and splattered him, before exploding and dying.
Then, my ghost went flying, and hit the sniper and splattered him. My friend respawned before I got them both, and didn’t believe me, and we watched it in theatre. I forgot to save it.
Best. Game. Ever.
And that’s nothing compared to my awesome Reach quad-kill…

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Oh lord id have to dwell deep in the section 7 archive for my stories…ahem

It was sword base SWAT. I had a team of randoms. They abandoned me. It was me versus 4. Me being the solo headhunter kirito took up the challenge of being alone and went 50-14 against 4 people in swat. I will forever remember that game. I also remember my recent perfection on the pit ^.^ i also will remember when I threw a grenade at a mongoose on halo 3 and it blew up the mongoose. It bounced off the wall on valhalla and went flying and splattered a sniper on the opposite side of the map who was sniping on the pelican. Good times

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