Halo War Map Pass

Hi so I got Halo very excited and I redeemedhe halo 4 map pack then I went into halo 4 and it wasn’t there. Then I noticed that you had to redeem and download from in-game. Now I don’t have it anymore :frowning: can you guys (343 industries) fix this for me and those who are affected?

the map packs aren’t out yet you recieve them upon public release

If you need to you can always re-download it by going to account management- download history. Hope this helps!

The first of the War Games Map Packs don’t come out until December, so nothing should be showing up in-game.

You should wait for the patch to redeem your code. And the maps are not even out yet.

But I have the limited edition contiining the three map packs, and I heard we get early release?

> But I have the limited edition contiining the three map packs.

No, you have the limited edition which contains the War Games Map PASS… It is a pass that gives you the 3 map packs upon their release without having to pay for them.

So whenever they become downloadable, you will download them for free.

The map packs are still being made. So of course they are not in Multi-player yet.