Halo VR: Wireless Android PC Cloud based VR test

I have been looking at methods of Mobilizing VR : And Halo in VR is the first game I chose to demo using a Google Cardboard Samsung S4 VR headset

the full article is here thegameveda: Mobilizing VR :Wireless Android PC Cloud Linked VR+Cloud based accelerometer head tracking + how & why Google Cardboard Android VR > Oculus Rift DK2 PC VR

direct link to Halo VR videos

1:setup : http://youtu.be/ZF-8LjOMKnk

2.gameplay capture : http://youtu.be/2mr4E2gcQUU

all FOV movement and aiming is achieved through head tracking via the Samsung S4 accelerometer full details in the article above

I hope 343 include the stereoscopic 3D options for HALO CE and the other games in the Xbox One update

I have shown Halo in VR at E32013 on Xbox 360 as well as Eurogamer and it went down a storm … please include 3D options as very soon I will
be able to show Xbox One VR … with Halo … as it stands I look foward to be able to show Halo The Masterchief Collection working with head tracking
on HMDs … but a simple 3D option would send this way out the ball park …

Here’s hoping the devs are listening …