Halo Voice Acting feedback needed.

Hey, all.
I’ve recently entered into the world of free-lance voice acting. I primarily voice act for Halo Machinimas, and I was wondering if/how my voice acting skills could improve.

Elite Voice Acting

UNSC Voice Acting

UNSC Voice Acting II

Please note, that I realize that the Elite voice acting video isn’t the greatest, and I’m working on a new one. As far as specific tips/critiques, I’m looking for: Fluency, Stuttering, Slurring, Emotion, and Dialect.

If you could help out, I’d be super grateful! :smiley:

I liked the First elite voicing better then the second because it had better natural input. the second one seemed way to human! Btw you sound like Piccolo lol from DBZ thats cool

The marines seemed little soft but it i think u need multiple voices for the marines…Maybe roughen your voice with some accents.just an idea

Odst isn’t bad! multiple of voices for them as well, and a lot of people are going to be SUPER picky on the Spartans!!! IDK what is the best spartan voice besides the ones we have all heard from bungie and halo way point halo Legends!

awesome work though!