Halo video screen capture request

Ok… I’m not sure what legalities there are, but I’m trying to design a watch face for my Samsung Gear S3, and was hoping to do an animation from dead center side or front view, of the MasterChief, holding a shotgun, and possibly another, holding an energy sword, all while walking in place, like on a treadmill… Not sure if it’s even possible, but if it is, my requirements would be, at least 1080p resolution video, and as for colors I’m looking for black suit with grey accent colors, as well as another with the regular Spartan green color… The other requirement would be walking in place, or an illusion of it, as well as terrain, or just plain sky, that is suitable for greenscreen style cutting out of the background… I have something like this, I designed already, based on other watches I seen, as well as the easy poser app that I recorded a screen capture of, the only problem is, I don’t have a choice for MasterChief, or else I could do it that way… I’m a novice in building watch faces still, but have a few military themed ones, and was hoping to add a small figure of the MasterChief walking in place, holding one of the mentioned weapons, either in a side or front view, whichever is better

Disregard this request… I found something on YouTube that works, sort of, at least… I’ll do a video of the watchface when I get done building it, and put it on YouTube maybe… Wish I had amore halo like theme than I currently have though