halo vet looking for skilled squad

Back in the glory halo 2 days I had a group I ran with. I made it to rank 40.
In halo three I didn’t play as much because my account got lost so I kind of lost interest on there i got to rank Force Colonel

In the Halo 5 Beta I didn’t play enough to be ranked. but i’m looking for a group of skilled players, NOT “MLG” style just good players who don’t get mad and yell and most importantly quit in the middle of a match… My gamer tag iis winters anxiety, hit me up if you’re interested.

You might have more luck if you post this over at the Recruitment forums

That depends on who you ask. Currently I am one of millions unable to play due to NXOE and their problems, but since Im not playing i have nothing better to do than scour the forums searching for entertainment. Greetings to the both of you, I am Executive Commander of The Masters Adapt spartan company. We are looking for members interested in goof off maps, HCS involvement, LASO missions, and other formerly insane operations. I am not solely in charge of accepting recruits into the company, however it is my job to find, recommend, and then properly recruit soldiers for our cause. With that said I insist you inquire into the company.
Good Hunting.
Shadow out.