Halo V Loadout System and Ordinance

Basically my idea is to have a similar system to Halo 4, but with the most “game breaking” elements removed or changed

Primary Weapons:
-Assault Rifle (close to mid-range)
-Battle Rifle (Mid-range)
-DMR (mid-long range)
-Storm Rifle (close to mid-range)
-Covenant Carbine (close to mid-range)
-Needle Rifle (close to long-range)
-Suppressor (close range)
-LightRifle (mid-long range)

Secondary Weapons:
-Magnum (close to mid-range, dual-wield close range)
-SMG (close range, dual-wield)
-Assault Carbine (close to mid-range)
-Plasma Pistol (close range, nerfed EMP)
-Plasma Rifle (close to mid-range, dual-wield close range)
-Plasma Repeater (close to mid-range)
-Spiker (close range)
-Mauler (close range)
-Hardlight Blaster (close range)
-Pulse Carbine (close to mid-range)
-Decontaminator (Close range)

-Frag Grenades (2x)
-Plasma Canisters (2x)
-Spike Grenades (2x)
-Plasma Grenade (1x)
-Pulse Grenades (2x)
-Flame Grenade (1x)
-Suppression Grenade (1x)

Armour Abilities:
-Thruster Pack
-Promethean Vision
-Jet Pack
-Hardlight Shield
-Regeneration Field
-Active Camo

-Trip Mine
-Power Drain
-Gravity Lift
-Bubble Shield
-Auto Turret
-Deployable Barricade
-what else have i missed

Tactical Packages:
-will come up with better ones

Support Packages:
-will come up with better ones

Firstly, there would be no random or personal ordinance except in custom games. And there would be about 4 low level power weapons on small maps, along with 2 “heavy ordinance” drops on a timer. Large maps would have 8 low level weapons and 4 heavy weapons.

UNSC Ordinance:
-Sticky Detonator
-Sniper Rifle
-Rocket Launcher
-Spartan Laser
-Grenade Launcher
-Payload Rifle

Covenant Ordinance:
-Energy Sword
-Gravity Hammer
-Fuel Rod Cannon
-Beam Rifle
-Focus Rifle
-Concussion Rifle
-Brute Shot
-Plasma Launcher
-Shard Rifle

Forerunner Ordinance:
-Binary Rifle
-Incineration Cannon
-Stasis Rifle
-Sentinel Beam

Explanation of new ideas for weapons, abilities and equipment, plus changes to existing items.

Assault Carbine (MA5K):
-10 shots to break shields, 6 to kill
-30 round magazine
-Accuracy comparable to the MA5B
-Low bloom and vertical recoil
-Fast melee (?)
-Appearance: http://jordanbookworm.deviantart.com/art/UNSC-MA5K-mid-range-configuration-390635298 (my design. Follow me if you want)

Plasma Pistol:
-basic damage increased, 4 shots to break shield, 6 to kill
-overcharge aim assist halved
-overcharge magnetism reduced by 90% (almost direct fire rather than homing)

Plasma Rifle:
-somewhere between CE and Halo 3.
-can slightly stun enemies, and sprinting enemies are reduced to walking speed
-8 shots to break shields, 6 to kill, with 2x headshot bonus

Hardlight Blaster:
-3 shots to break shield, 3 to body or headshot
-9 shot magazine, 36 max spare
-ROF slightly lower than the CE Pistol
-more bloom than the Magnum
-magazine is a hardlight cylinder that is inserted in a similar manner to revolver “speed loaders”

Pulse Carbine:
-6 shots to break shield, 6 to kill
-24 shot magazine
-fires hardlight bolts coated in ionised gas
-bolts have damage dropoff
-shots have spread, less than the AR

-expanding sentinel beam type weapon
-uses replaceable battery units
-ROF 20 units per second
-kill time - 38 units
-beam begins to spread as the trigger is held, reducing the damage unless the target is still getting hit
-spread begins after 0.5 seconds
-Forerunner Lifeworker tool

Plasma Canisters:
-effectively cluster bombs
-spit out small globules of plasma that adhere to the target
-the globules dont explode, and have similar damage properties to the Plasma Pistol
-the globules fizzle out after 2 seconds
-canister has range of 12m

Spike Grenades:
-Can still stick players, but not vehicles

Flame Grenades:
-same as in Halo 3
-can only carry one as they are much more powerful than the Pulse Grenade

Plasma Grenade:
-Less damage against vehicles

Suppression Grenade:
-jumps into the air, then fires a spherical burst of hardlight bolts
-bolts are slightly weaker than suppressor bolts
-bolts have damage drop off, and become useless outside 20 metres

Jet Pack:
-Does not allow users to hover, instead begins to descend once it is no longer going up
-Has less energy
-faster recharge
-Only secondary weapons can be used while jetpacking

Active Camo:
-Draws energy from the shields, once shields are depleted, it shuts off
-Has an overheat system
-If the player is standing still or moving slowly, then heat builds up rapidly (to remain invisible to thermal), causing shutoff after 3 seconds
-moving at normal speeds allows the heat to dissipate, negating the overheat
-shutting it off manually causes full heat overload and drains 30% of the users shields
-Firing while in camo causes overheat and the camo to shut down, but doesnt drain shields

-more powerful, single use Autosentry

Payload Rifle:
-5 round magazine
-2 close range detonations to break shields, 1 to kill
-3x sight
-rate of fire similar to the shotgun (would most likely be bolt action)
-bullets are explosive, with a 3 metre radius
-detonations within 1 metre do full damage
-shots passing within 4 metres of an enemy player will detonate automatically
-projectile, with some shot arc
-no magnetism


The secondary weapons wont work. In Halo 4 we had the Boltshot. It is overpowered and annoying. And you want to replace the boltshot with something more powerful : the Mauler? No, just no. The only secondary weapon should be the Magnum. In Halo you should pick your weapons up and not directly spawn with them. And I also dont want to see a return of the ordinance drop system. There is no reason why we should keep the ordinance drop system, it was a bad idea of 343i.

These should be the loadouts and ordnance.

Assault rifle
Battle rifle
storm rifle
covenant carbine
light rifle

Maybe a new pistol

frag grenade
Maybe a new grenade
pulse grenade

Default guns,power ups,grenades

The power weapons can just be place on the map like the old style halo games.

> Plasma Rifle:
> -somewhere between CE and Halo 3.
> -can slightly stun enemies, and sprinting enemies are reduced to walking speed
> -damage similar to Halo 3 damage (whatever that was)

Oh god no. Halo 3’s Plasma Rifle took 18 shots to kill, 20 if you were Dual Wielding. I’d much rather a slow rate of fire weapon like the Plasma Rifle kill in something more akin to 9-12 shots. (6 drains shields, then either 3 headshots or 6 body shots to kill, just like CE)

Or we could do what most people want, and do away with the loadouts. Everyone spawns on equal footing the guns are all on the map, and all AA’s are pickups, and the Ordinance Drops are gotten rid of.


  • Assault Rifle

  • Plasma Repeater

  • Sentinel Beam

  • Battle Rifle

  • Covenant Carbine

  • DMR

  • Needle Rifle

  • Light Rifle


  • Magnum

  • SMG

  • Plasma Rifle

  • Suppressor

  • Spiker Rifle

> Or we could do what most people want, and do away with the loadouts. Everyone spawns on equal footing the guns are all on the map, and all AA’s are pickups, and the Ordinance Drops are gotten rid of.

I’d like more limitation than there is now. But I don’t mind giving people the choice between the BR, Carbine, or LR primary weapons. Or the AR, SR, Suppressor secondary.

First, you made the list of loadout options ridiculously large.

Second, you didn’t even remove the game breaking aspects, as jetpacks, plasma grenades, etc. still exist in your loadouts. You actually managed to make loadouts even worse off than before.

I don’t think i made ordinance clear enough. These are the same as map spawning weapons, just that they drop in the drop pods. It’s just a visual thing, to make them easier to identify. There is NO random ordinance.

And as for the “broken stuff”, it was 11:30 at night, i have an exam today, so i haven’t gotten round to explaining those yet.

And the Mauler would be a 3sk. It has a very, very short range, and a 5 round magazine. Not very overpowered. That thing had less range than the Boltshot, im pretty sure

> Or we could do what most people want, and do away with the loadouts. Everyone spawns on equal footing the guns are all on the map, and all AA’s are pickups, and the Ordinance Drops are gotten rid of.

You know there are people who do like having loadouts?

eg. Me. I like being able to chose to have a thruster pack and mobility with my AR, Magnum and Frags, or Ammo with my BR

That would be the most ridiculously difficult to balance sandbox in the history of anything.

My Opinions
Primary choices: AR, BR, DMR (no Covenant/Promethean weapons given to S-IVs)

Secondary: Magnum

Grenades: Frags

No Armor Ability at spawn

No Support Upgrades/Tactical Packages

Give choice between Sprint or Evade as innate ability (increased mobility or increased maneuverability). Also increase base player speed comparatively to Halo 4.

Weapons, grenades, and AAs placed on the map. Promethean weapons should be noticeably superior to UNSC/Covenant counterparts. AAs should be treated like Equipment (not one-use).

Personal Ordinance only allows a predetermined selection of AAs to choose from (depending on map), rather than dropping power weapons.

I like your creativity, but there are too many secondary weapons, and why would you want equipment that does exactly the same thing as an AA?

So you want to have Armor Abilities AND Equipment available for loadouts? Do you have any idea how much MORE insanely unbalanced the gameplay would be if it were like that??

Also, AR needs to be a secondary choice instead of a primary.

Ordnance Drops:
In my opinion, Ordnance Drops should be removed from the game because the Infinity playlists helped kill Halo’s arcade style since there were no weapons on the map to pick up or control. But since 343i probably won’t remove this feature, then drops should not consist of weapons or grenades, but just 3 power-ups, such as Overshield, Speed Boost, and classic Active Camo, not Damage Boost. This would allow weapons and grenades to return to the field. Also, for specific gametypes, there should be team Ordnance Drops to get vehicles.

Specializations and Armor Abilities should be removed, and Armor Abilities should be turned into Equipment. Grenades and Primaries/Secondaries should remain selectable, but the Plasma Pistol and Plasma Grenade should be on map weapons and replaced with a new Covenant grenade and sidearm. If Brute Weapons return, then the same may have to be done to the Spike Grenade, or just use the Firebomb.

More explaining to do then…

Ok, so to reiterate, there is NO personal ordinance. I use the term ordinance because it sounds cooler than “power up” or “power weapon”.

As for equipment, the ones that have a similar version as an AA are mire effective than the AA. Eg, Autoturret has a higher ROF and more energy than the Autosentry, but can only be used once.

And the AR is a primary because it is now viable as one. I dont think it should be nerfed to be a “balanced” sidearm. Thats why the Assault Carbine is on the list.

Plasma Pistol: anyone got any better ideas for a Covenant pistol? I just listed it as extremely nerfed, because i dont have any other ideas for it.

The Silenced SMG should not only be in the game, but should also be a primary weapon. (as it is an smg that can scope)

> Or we could do what most people want, and do away with the loadouts. Everyone spawns on equal footing the guns are all on the map, and all AA’s are pickups, and the Ordinance Drops are gotten rid of.

No. Nononononononono.

As long as you have your Classic game modes, leave other people’s fun alone already!