Halo TV show will reveal Master Chief's face

You can look it up right now, they said they want you to connect to Chief in a different way, and the conclusion was to reveal him off his helmet.

I dont know about all of you, but that kills the show for me. I rather not watch it anymore. Revealing his face during the war is part of his icon in my opinion.


Did they ever say it was his complete face? It could just be like Halo 4 where you see a part of his face.
Even so, ill still watch the show, it looks cool

edit: rewatched the trailer and now i want to watch the show

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It should be related to the award of real actors, so as the protagonist of the TV series, he must show his true face.
However, considering that the keys family is nothing like the modeling in the game. This Master Chief is not the same person as those in the game, so I don’t care what impact it will have.


I don’t mind. It’s a different timeline and you already know his face if you’ve seen the actor.

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Eh… it’s hard to connect with a faceless soldier in TV. Games it works great but not so much in TV medium. I’m okay with this as he’ll be a younger chief anyway.

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It’s a controversial decision, to be sure, but this doesn’t bother me. If it was the video game Chief we know then there would be an instant uproar.

To be honest, I’m at a loss as to why 343i decided they needed to announce this. Why not leave it as a surprise like Jon and Dave did with The Mandalorian?


I am pretty sure they already said the show is not cannon. So its whatever and i dont really like story telling over multiple mediums for the same series. It breaks up the community and then Halo means different things to different people. Some want spartans and Chief to act more like the books while some want him to keep acting like he did in CE-3. This is why we got the trash that was H4 and 5 (campaign wise) along with 343 just changing Halo to make it theirs instead of respeting an established IP. Anyways i dont like non cannon stuff on top of this because then why even bother if it doesnt matter. It plays out more like fan fiction…


I was already turned off. So this doesn’t change anything for me.
But if I was excited for the show I would probably feel a bit weird about this too. Keeping the face a mystery is kinda part of Chief’s core identity as a character almost.


I mean they also showed young Master Chief’s face a ton in the Fall of Reach animated movie, so at this point I don’t really see it as an issue. It’s a different piece of media with a different art style, so I just take that into account. Just because this is the face of an actor playing doesn’t mean its the canon face for the whole story, even if hypothetically 343 didn’t officially say the TV show is a different timeline.

I see it the same way as any other movie or show that adapts some other piece of media, like comics, games, manga, etc. At some level I already know that films and shows are limited by a set number of real life actors who are decent at their job and also similar to the character, so I can almost look past it. It’s similar to when people don’t like when an actor is a different race, gender, etc. for a character. Me personally, as long as they play the character well, I don’t really care about the appearance.

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If they’re revealing his face, it better be Dwayne Johnson. Idc who’s supposedly playing him.

I’ve always been torn from curiosity, but honestly I’d rather not see what he looks like. The mystery behind the helmet captivated me since I have been playing, and I’ve respected that.

Even though we’re able to see what he looks like as a kid, I could never imagine what older Chief looks like, and I’m perfectly okay with it.


All of what happens to the TV show stay in the TV show. This Master Chief isn’t our Master Chief. Weird, I’m agree, but we don’t really have a choice

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It shouldn’t matter…the show isn’t cannon at all. It’s essentially not Halo. It’s an “alternate timeline” so in essence it’s a show just using the likeliness of Halo. Treat the show as if it’s a Red Vs Blue thing, Halo related entertainment.

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Bruh that’s what you’re worried about and not Keyes trying to order 66 the girl. I’m fine with whatever race they choose but keep the core of the characters somewhat intact at least. Lots of gripes about the episode. It wasn’t terrible it just strayed wayyy too far from canon

Didnt even make it to that part, turned it off so have no idea what you are talking about. Waited 6 years for subpar game and 20 years for hot garbage show.

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I only have the problem with Chief showing his face. I felt like his identity was symbolic for being a super-soldier war machine with no humanity and not revealing his face supported that.

But I do not understand why Cortana has to be blue. I see no benefit to that for any when she is already highlighted in blue. I also don’t really care if Key’s are black. If they play the character correctly then its okay. After all, its the multiverse and things are not always the same in a different universe. Take the spiderverse as an example. There is a black spiderman.

The show is not cannon what so ever. They said that before the show even started. So with the show not being cannon at all nothing that happens in it matters or is truly Halo at all. So actually no they didn’t show master chief’s face at all.