Halo tv show. What would you do?

How would you be change the TV show but keep most of the central ideas around it.
Like for the first episode the insurrectionists would be effective at killing the covenant. The Spartans would come and help. Then Kai and Chief would collect the artifact while the rest support an evacuation of the insurrections. Most die but Kwan would survive with some others.
Chief does not go rogue.

Bin the entire thing & rewrite it


This is the only right answer, the idea from the beginning is bad.


Make the innies look more compotent. Have the chain gun at least kill an elite, and then the elites, being smart, take out the gunner cause he has no shields. Then when chief gets it, he has shields so can tank shots and kill elites.

I would pretty much remove kwon from the plot. She’s taken up too much screen time for being on a pretty uch totally unrelated story, and it’d remove chief going rogue. This sadly means we also lose Soren but you could maybe work him into a later season or something.

Have Cortana created just to help monitor chief after he acts weird grabbing the artifact instead of as a mind control device. I’d have halsey not keep their backstories secret from the spartans. Overall this show villifies her too much.

I’d remove this revolving circle of people trusting chief and not trusting chief. God, pick a stance people.

I’d make the 2nd artifact story be very different. Keep chief’s backstory the same as canon, maybe put it on a more canon-friendly Eridanus II so we can still have a ‘return home’ but without the chosen one motiffs and the sad scene of chief using a shovel.

Have chief keep his helmet on in all dangerous or possibly dangerous environs. I’m okay with it being off at base.

Remove the silly child slave junk planet for Makee’s backstory, its very forced. I’d either avoid introducing Makee till episode 5 when she arrives to give her more mystery, so we can learn about her alongside chief, OR I would give her an elite friend who’s a character (and probably the Arbiter eventually). I dont have a problem with the concept of her, but her execution like much of the show is horrible, and I feel like its deprived us of proper covenant development.

We need more ships in this show, the look gorgeous when on screen but its few and far between. The covenant seems extremely passive, possibly even more morally good, than the UNSC, until episode 8.

Space needs to feel bigger, it feels like everything’s an hour or two away at most. Heck soren seems to teleport home, rob a UNSC ship, and then teleport back to help Kwan, all in the time it takes her to wander around the desert alittle.

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You guys are crazy, it’s a great show. You guys forget what bad video game adaptions we use to normally get like Mario brothers, and Resident Evil. If they had made this 20 years we wouldn’t even get Chief in his armor and Cortana would be a talking car. They are staying pretty true the source content.

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I’d actually put some thought into it. We’re at episode 8 out of 9 and there are so many plot holes, inconsistencies, and filler plot lines that just unnecessarily bloat the show that it’s insane… Like why did Halsey or the UNSC need to create Cortana to “control the Spartans” when we literally just found out in episode 8 that the Spartans that still have their inhibitor chips are borderline mind controlled by the UNSC? Cortana doesn’t even need to be in the show so far (which is just upsetting honestly).

There’s no way any competent writer, producer, or director greenlit this script, this had to be a case where they were running out of budget money so they pushed what they had out the door. That’s the only thing I can think of that could excuse how bad this has been.

Like, they literally named the capital of Reach “Reach City”… like how creatively bankrupt are these people?

I’d rather watch the old Mario movie than this because it had a sort of cheesy extremely stupid charm to it, and at least the Resident Evil fandom pretty much unanimously agrees that the first WS Anderson RE movie was actually good (it’s the sequels that suck)… this Halo show on the other hand? It’s almost a pain to watch in just about every aspect.

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I saw EP:8 WOW!! Master Chief Now Has a Girlfriend? :rofl: :rofl: ::rofl: ::rofl: :

This is not the Master Chief I’ve known since Halo Combat Evolved! :sleepy:

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She didn’t create Cortana to control Spartans that’s just what she said in order to get the project green lit. She wanted a super AI completely loyal to her that lets her do what she wants. I’m sure the AIs integration into John was part of having that control too but that wasn’t the real reason she made Cortana.

I think Reach City is in the books. Look I like the games but as Cortana points out in Halo 4 Masterchief isn’t real vested in humanity and she essential tells him to get a life. For a Soldier to be brave he has to have something to fight for. The games pretty much just make Masterchief a robot doing all these heroics for basically no reason. He wants to save humanity? Why? Considering they have only abused him his whole life. I mean the guy has got to have some sort of contrast in his life to inspire him to fight or else it’s all pointless. He doesn’t even relate to other Soldiers in the books he just beats them up when they’re mean to him. He is only close to Cortana the handful of Spartans left and his kidnaper Halsey. That’s pretty sad. Most of the season has him basically gaining his humanity. The Masterchief of the game would have put a hole through kwans head instead of letting her go. It’s much needed character development.

This TV show reminds me of the adaptations they made for the cinema of Resident Evil. It has no relation to Halo beyond the name. And honestly, the excuse of “it’s a different timeline” doesn’t help me to justify all the nonsense that this series is.

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No, they really aren’t. Things visually resembles things, and names are used, but thats about it. The show also seems to be trying really hard to keep chief’s armor off. Cortana’s also literally in his brain and is a ghost with magic projectors everywhere, as opposed to a chip in his armor that has to move between devices, because AI’s are apparently magic.

I’d agree with you until episode 8 where it becomes pretty clear that was Halsey’s plan.

I’d have to double check, but given it appears no where on the multiple highly detail oriented wikis, I’m going to guess the answer is its not.

A tragic hero is an interesting one, and having everything boil down to a chip he can casually pull out isn’t terribly deep character development either.

Developing characters and establishing motivations is important, but that doesn’t make doing so instantly good. You have to have the writing to back it up.

Let’s look at the Mandalorian for example, another stoic helmeted hero who isn’t known for emoting much. The show explores his training, conditioning, and his thoughts and feelings. It shows he isn’t a robot but cares about things.

The Mandalorian doesn’t go fighting his former people cause of what they did (which isn’t much different than the spartan III program), he doesn’t go ripping his helmet off every second he can. He doesn’t go crying about emotions or just being weird. And yet over 2.5 seasons, Mando has evolved as a character and is liked by the fanbase.

The Spartans in the games are human beings, and they have jobs to do. Noble Team acts like people still, heck even the chipped members of Silver Team in the show act simply like very focused people who act with purpose. Heck chief in the books is generally a more well-rounded person. Your scene about him fighting the ODST’s is out of context as they were prepping for a fight, and he was also a child who’s just been freshly augmented.

The show provides even less reason for Chief to want to protect humanity, as humanity even worse than it is in the books. They have dedicated slave labor planets, make lies to him that weren’t in the books, approve AI’s meant to turn people into meat puppets, and it seems just about everyone carries torture sticks instead of proper stun weapons. Everyone is constantly at eachother’s throats, and if they aren’t, they’re lieing and deceiving eachother.

People didn’t get into halo to learn about chief discovering his emotions. Heck, given the poor reception of halo 4 and 5’s stories, you could say it was actively disliked.

Halo is ultimately a story about people, no matter what horrible things are going on, coming together for the sake of survival against an overwhelming alien threat. Its a story about the ends justifying the means, as made quite clear by the halo’s killing off all life in order to save it. Its 8+ hour action movie with great visuals, fun characters, and a sense you are a small part of a bigger conflict.

This show, and 343’'s games, want to make chief out to be a super hero, the ‘chosen one’. He isn’t “the master chief” he is Master Chief, thats his name, and his armor must always be called the MK6 now despite not having looked like the MK6 since 343 took over, and rather constantly being based on MKIV varients in appearance.

There’s infinitely better ways the show could have explored him, than blaming all his conditioning on a chip. There’s much better ways to portray this conflict, than the covenant casually bumbling around and not glassing a planet till episode 8. There was no need for an angsty little teen character to be another ‘chosen one’ to show chief a portal. There was no need for a covenant spy to, instead of being an intelligent, manipulative agent, be a effectively a lost little girl. There was no need to make the UNSC look so utterly incompontent and evil. There was no need to turn halsey from a grey character into some mad woman.

Chief in this show should go run off and be an insurrectionist. But I guess episode 8 had him realize humans have sacred souls (base on what exactly?) so I guess that means he’s now a well written character with a better justification than what the games give him, right?


I’d cancel it. Then consider creating an animated series instead that wasn’t some asinine multiverse timeline BS.

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The games were made basically as space marine versus aliens with tones of the movies Aliens and Starship troopers. They weren’t really made to debate ethics but as the story developed interesting things started to show its face. As Miranda in the show so eloquently put it “so you sacrificed your humanity to save humanity” meaning what is humanity? Is it just flesh and blood or spirit and soul. If it’s just dna and survival of the fittest is what matters then the covenant winning is just evolution because they are the stronger. If we are more and something exists in us that transcends flesh and blood then isn’t that worth keeping and fighting for.

Halsey’s ethics are not gray at any point in games, books, or show. It’s gray to her and a few others but they aren’t really gray. Even in the books the Spartans were created to fight against the insurrections. They literally kidnapped children of the colonies in order to fight against the colonists. They turned their own children against them. They kidnapped children then experimented on them killing the majority of them. The Spartans IIIs weren’t as bad because they weren’t kidnapped but the UNSC still used child Soldiers. So we have a person seeking to create a genetically superior army and another using child Soldiers. Please refer to your history books and see how people that do this are portrayed in history. But it is important to understand that the people that did these things in history thought what they were doing was right, even virtuous. The UNSC is essentially the empire, from Star Wars. And as much as I like to have my simple “we are the good guys in white hats versus the bad guys in black hats” fight. The Halo genre chose not to go that path and instead create a more nuanced approach. So you have people doing good and evil on both sides of the war.

The show just highlights this aspect which already exists in the genre. At the end of episode 8 Makei figures out that the eradication of either humans or the covenant is wrong, she sees both as capable of both good and evil.

The show deals with many plot holes in the games. Jorge calling Halsey mom is accurate if you don’t know you’ve been kidnapped, but how twisted to keep doing that after you know the truth. Masterchief’s reaction in the show is a more accurate depiction of what a super soldier would do when confronted with this. The inhibitor chips would be the only reason to keep the Spartans fighting when the truth came out. The surviving Spartans in the books probably should have all gone the path of Soren. The games are good by keeping Chief out of a lot of these ethical dilemmas and keeping his missions pretty straight foreword. The end of Halo 3 makes it seem like humanity has done it and all their problems are solved but their was never any resolution with the colonists or the atrocities of the UNSC. Halo 4 begins to show a more repentant UNSC with having Halsey in cuffs and the new Spartans being an adult volunteer basis. The reality of the some of the Spartan IIs losing it after the war and going rogue should be explored. I mean they look at one Spartan and say this is our greatest asset in the war. That’s a lot of power for a single individual to hold with no safe guards in place so yeah inhibitor chips and Cortana would seem pragmatic. If you just want a shot for shot movie off of the books I recommend The Fall of Reach movie. It is pretty good and gives everything you’d expect from the games and books. The show is dealing with all of these other issues that I find very interesting.

I would ad a post-credit scene with John and Makee where they discuss how terrible they both are in bed because they were both raised to be nothing but tools.
It must have been the most awkward moment ever :joy:

Honestly though. I would have wanted an original canonical story set literally at any time and place in the universe, there is so much to explore in the canon-universe.
But I wouldn’t mind tv-show versions of some of the books, as long as they stay true to the source material.
I’m not interested in adaptations of the main-line games though.

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And? Alien, Starship Troopers, and original halo are all considered classics, while 343 trying to dig up and muddy things with elements of generally already accepted canon but now trying to make a mess of them has lead to effectively two soft reboots in a decade.

People came into this series expecting to celebrate what made halo great, what they loved about the IP and its universe. Is it ‘crazy’ for people to expect the show to go a similar direction? I could pretty much end my post here, as that pretty much sums it up. But I will continue.

Overly spiritualist metaphor that runs against the very core of the story. Halo is literally logic and reason (UNSC + enlightened Swords of Sanghelios) vs those caught up in spiritualism and myth (the Covenant). Its not about humans believing in something greater to win in the end. Its about them realizing the true way things are, and that fracturing and breaking covenant believers.

That whole bit alone is why this show doesn’t feel like halo to many, but i’ll continue.

And given the weapons and technologies available at the time, conflict in the direction the insurrection was going posed a significant risk to the survival of humanity. Halsey isn’t good, what she did isn’t good. But again, its horrible acts for a greater good.

The show’s version of the innies is even less relatable since they they’re apparently inspired by visions in the desert. A good rendition would be to show the actual clash of the two bunches of ideals, not rely on Halsey being a babbling psycopath who hires guy who’s a word I can’t say on this forum apparently.

None of the Spartan III’s were of proper age to give consent. It was still kidnapping, they just lured the kids in with words.

And they did it without sounding insane. Why must the show make them sound insane and look to be terribly low IQ?

In the show perhaps, but not in the games. Its not perfect, its not evil. And thats what makes it nice and grounded. But the show has slave planets and everyone carrying torture sticks.

Except the show has made the UNSC to be well, as you put it, the Empire from Star Wars.

I’m not arguing for the UNSC to be all that is right and good. I’m asking for them not to be a bunch of moustache twirling villains. Everything is handled with the subtly of a hammer in this show.

Does she? Looks like she joined team covenant again at the end.

Jorge is calling her “Ma’am” the European way, cause you know, he’s from a Hungarian colony. Turn on the subtitles. He never calls her mom.

I take it you haven’t actually read the books. Halsey told them effectively everything. They know they were taken by the government. They know they were trained to fight the insurrectionists. Chief knows where he’s from in main canon.

Halsey even explicitly said she did this so the spartans wouldn’t discover this by shock and do well…exactly what happens in the show. Halsey didn’t need an inhibitor chip because she was smarter than show halsey.

Its almost like thats because Bungie knew their audience and didn’t muddy the waters.

Maybe they should be explore…after the war, and not the first thing we do in the show.

And again, 343 clearly didn’t know its audience given how much the Karen Traviss novels and H4 is disliked by the community. This very forum used to have weekly threads about how much was wrong with those books.

Because Halsey wasn’t as monstrous as you want her to be. So her being not completely controlling is a plot hole now?

I don’t even necessarily want a shot per shot recreation of the books or games. But the show should know its audience, and how halo got to where it was. Not what got the main story soft rebooted twice in a decade.

I already even posted what changes I would make to the show, many of which wouldn’t even change the show that much (except arguably episode 8, and i guess if you really enjoy Kwan for some reason). I don’t have a problem with exploring some of the more complicated parts of the universe, but it feels like its all being handled extremely bluntly and shallowly to me.

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1 Rename all characters not to confuse with those of the “original halo”
2 A big fight scene on a planet who is finally destroy by the covenant, that would bring an emotional issue to understand the 25 years of defeat agaisnt the covenant
3 Remove emotional chip, it’s the most ridicul thing ever. A real soldier (and real Spartans II) know how to manage their emotions

I could add a lot of thing lol, but in this case, I would prefer to reset all this story and rewrite a new one

I would change too much lol

. No emotional damping chip
. End of Episode one fight scene, have Kwan yell something like “you don’t know what its like to watch your father die!”
. This kicks off Chief’s whole emotional discovery thing
. He starts to question what happened to their parents since the program started
. Takes Kwan to the Rubbel where he meets Soren. Maybe asks if Soren ever chose to meet his parents and you could leave that ambiguous for later episodes
. Kwan and Soren looking through Waypoint (Halo version of internet) for more information on the Covenant because she wants to know “why her father died”. This leads them both down a rabbit hole of the UNSC hiding the covenant from the rest of the Colonies. Then their whole story arc is about discovering what the covenant are and introducing the audience to them that way
. If we’re keeping the Keystone, instead of it unlocking memories of Chief’s past (still 0 explanation as to why it does that btw) it could deliver a message from an unknown figure (Librarian) telling him to “embrace his journey and find Halo because he is running out of time”
. Makee recieved the same message but misinterprets it due to her Covenant indoctrination
. Chief keeps looking into his past and eventually confronts Halsey about. Except, instead of wanting to kill her, he asks how she knows she did the right thing, showing he isn’t so sure
. This leads to character development for Halsey, now questioning her decisions slightly and shows that Vhief is still willing to do the job, but now has more self reflection
. Kwan goes back to Madrigal with Soren to investigate the digsite where the Keystone was but find that a new Innie leader took over and is being a Tyrant
. Soren doesn’t like people lording over the weak (Spartan program ptsd) and the two decide to liberate Madrigal from its new leader
. In the process they find out that ___ many years ago, the mystics were visited by an unknown machine that entrusted them with safeguarding the Keystone and they buried it in the cave hoping it would never be found because it would lead the destruction of everything we know. Kwan decjdes that she needs to tell Chief
. Makee and Chief meet the same way and she is taken back to Reach
. Chief observes her interrogation, but does not interrogate himself. She asks for him and he is sent in with Halsey and Keyes, etc watching
. She confirms she recieved the same message from the covenant’s artefacts and tries convincing Chief they’re the same. She tells him to embrace the artefact (same as the show) except now Chief has Cortana in his head
. Chief touches the artefact, with Cortana interpreting the forerunner dialect, she deciphers that Halo isn’t a place but a physical object. This helps Chief see her use.
. No Halo dreamworld though
. Makee thinks that the Keystone gave Chief more insight on Halo (it was actually Cortana) so Makee sends her coordinates to the covenant
. Covenant fleet comes to Reach while the UNSC is unprepared, they take the Keystone and Makee before the SPARTANs can armour up
. Some sort of battle on Reach trying to stop Makee from escaping that ultimately fails
. Makee brings the Keystone to the covenant and combine it with the other artefact, this gives coordinates to Halo
. As a reverse from core cannon, the UNSC chase the covenant from Reach and find Halo for the season finale

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Your like the only to actually say what you would change

Yeah…i thought that was the point lol. Oh well

I think… wait no, I BELIEVE you are the one that’s crazy, this tv show is not Halo at all.
It’s Game of T…Halo (based on the GoT tv series not the books lol!).

Yeah I would trash literally every single thing they’ve done thus far, except for the cool looking models of the Gladius and Halberd.