Halo TV Show question [we all know the answer to]

“Will Marty O’Donnell’s name be listed in the music credits…whatsoever…in any capacity”?

It kinda kills me that 343 have chosen to write Marty out of existence despite the fact that EVERY use/reference/nod to the “Gregorian Monks” singing the Halo Theme was ALL BECAUSE OF MARTY.
You can update it, revamp it, modernize it…but you should NEVER discredit the originator by NOT crediting him.

my 2 cents.


It would kind of be like how you’re ignoring Michael Salvatori…


Except how I’m posting an opinion in a video game forum vs publishing a video game with a list of credits…

But yes ; Salvatori as well.
And any and all of the canon-establishing individuals who created any and all music that then, later gets revamped [reappropriated] by a new musical artist under a new license.

I mean, look- I’m not trying to pick a fight or start an argument, but I think it’s reasonable to assume that when a musical artist creates an iconic piece of music, people are going to cover it, or remix it, or whatever. But I feel like it’s also reasonable to assume that in those cases, the newer artist would at least acknowledge the creator artist in the liner notes.
I’m not mad…just disappointed.
…just trying to say it seems wrong to me that 343 chose not to be more gracious about it.