Halo TV series Teaser - your thoughts

So on November 15, we got the 1st teaser trailer for the Halo TV series. Even though it’s very brief, what’re your thoughts so far?

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It looks interesting, kinda wish we saw a little more but I guess that’s why it’s a teaser. (★‿★)

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I think it looked cool, I’m eager to see more of it.

honestly, felt a little underwhelming… didn’t give us anything new or exciting. I am excited for the show, don’t get me wrong… but I just felt like the teaser didn’t actually “tease” anything.

I would be excited for it if I hadn’t heard about what they’re doing with already established characters and factions. Race swapping Keyes, Miranda, and I think Halsey, the Covenant raised a Human to hate Humans, for some reason even though it makes no sense. Luckily it’s not going to be canon, but it’s already sounding like a dumpster fire.


I’m skeptical since they announced this show something close to 10 years ago. And also game to screen adaptations generally go poorly.

I’ll definitely grab a month of Paramount+ to watch it after they’ve released the whole season, but I’m not expecting it to be great.

Honestly didn’t even watch it, not really excited for it at all, quite the opposite in fact. I don’t know why they feel the need to change so many things, to the point where this will basically be a glorified fan-fiction. Halo’s story is so rich, there are so many great things they could have done that would fit fine with what we have already. Like a 26 year war that Chief fought in…

I’ve been holding my breath on it actually being completed, but I gotta say the detail that teaser had lifted my spirits a bit. Hope to see more soon!

Well I like the tiny bits of details we did see but as always I will hold out for episodes to start releasing, though if its anything like whoever did the Reach live action trailers then I will be hopeful that its in good hands.

As a Halo fan I should be interested, I want to be interested, but hearing about certain decisions just makes me uninterested.

Sounds pretty cool tho. I mean what they are going to do Halsey and Keys also Miranda I dislike. But I just want to see some elites in live action also more brutes and buggers’ jackals and the jackal snipers and the grunts. If they have the same things as nightfall that live action one from 3, I think that is what it is called. I mean live action things from halo got me into halo also RVB action parts. Just want to watch some CGI halo action scenes, with a spartan fighting a brute chieftain while some marines have a shootout with some grunts and elites, while a sniper is helping them. And a cool sword duel with a spartan and an elite. Just like how you think is happing when you’re playing with some halo mega blocks figures. It better be made by the reach and legends, odst and forward onto dawn people. Just be good but still mad about those characters race swap tho.

Very excited to see what’s in store.

I’m curious, but they barely showed enough to understand what the plot even will be. It is a teaser, though. lol We’ll see.