Halo TV Series Story vs Infinite

Wanted to say 3 episodes into the tv series the story is already 1000x better than Infinites and the scenery actually changes. Worth watching you just got to remember this is a a new alternate universe story but it’s definitely going somewhere. At the very least it has more personality than Infinite if you were disappointed by it’s story


I enjoyed Infinite a lot, I’m also enjoying the series. They’re very different beasts.

There’s plenty I feel they’ve got wrong with the series. Hate the FPS stuff and the humans not being able to put a dent in an Elite with the same guns as MC is my main gripes. I suppose like anything I should be suspending my disbelief. I try to do so in any film I watch, especially action.


I accepted things work different in the series universes so that allows me to watch with a fresh perspective, I’m usually here for the story, which I measure as good if it leaves you wanting more and how well the characters personalities are portrayed. Also what is shown to us vs blandly having all the best scenes off camera and lamely talked about which sums up Halo Infinite, which should be renamed Halo Lite at this point. Halo Series is so far giving us interesting characters that leave you wondering how their stories will play out.

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Master Cheeks in action


I’d say the show is better than infinite, but I dunno if ‘good’ as what i’d use to describe the show.


You know Infinite is a dumpster fire if people are calling the Hollywood generic SciFi drama Halo tv show 1000x better. Wild. The show writers never even played the games. Same could probably be assumed of 343. It’s a competition of the least worst.


To be fair, the show people do cite 343 as their primary lore source.

And you can tell, its full of all those 343 plot beats that halo infintie soft rebooted away from.


The TV show is terrible and is the story of how to emasculate Master Chief, It is just not Halo.


Pretty sure you feel that way because technically we who have played the games were “Master Chief”. I’m not saying we would make the decisions the tv guy is, but it’s a different perspective than what the games portrayed. The last episode though the Cortana bits did give me flash backs to the first game so not everything is different, just different circumstances.

Considering Halo Infinites letdowns I suppose I can’t argue completely but the tv show was a pleasant surprise as I figured after looking forward to Infinite then being incredibly disappointed I didn’t think anything worthwhile would come from a halo story for another 10 years. The series is at least keeping my interest in Halo because it was dying

Can’t wait for the episode where Chief has an emotional breakdown crying and blasts Breaking Benjamin while the asian girl or flesh Cortana has to cheer him up

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I mean, Infinite’s story wasn’t great, but the game action didn’t feel as supremely cheesy as it does in the tv show.

Not to mention all the weird stuff about a human in the covenant, etc…


I’m not sure how I feel about the human in the covanent thing either just yet but we know the how the prophets are based on the games so I have a feeling that’s going to go somewhere. Don’t forget only humans can interact with certain technology and the prophets are aware of this. Yes Halo Infinites gameplay was decent no one is arguing that it’s just the story and environment that was terrible, Chief did the best he could despite this in the game, not argument there. So far at the end of every episode though I have the feeling of wanting more, Infinite just left a bitter taste once you finished its story

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I quite like Infinite’s story. Its not as good as it was promised to be, but I like it

The series is just cheesy and mind-numbling

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That’s how I felt about Infinite lol. The first episode you see people exploding in pools of blood, Infinite you get the biggest ship in UNSC history blown up off camera


For billion-dollar super soldiers the Spartans do so very little fighting.

Are you one of those who thinks that the Spartans are 24/7 firing their weapons in a war? I remind you, this is not a shooting game, it is a tv show

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I get that you are a h5 kid and hate infinite and like the tv show. Seems like a recurring thing with you h5 kids

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I’m prob older than you :joy:. Halo 5 wasn’t great but they should have finished its story than whatever they attempted to do in Infinite with it’s almost no story. Guessing your one of the players wishing a super solider never knew how to sprint

As someone who’s detested H4-5 for the most part on the narrative front, I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed Infinite’s story. The visual variety was sorely lacking and the campaign isn’t very replay friendly as it currently stands, but I did really enjoy it.

As for the TV show, it’s fine so far. Certainly it’s a very different take on the Halo universe and lore, which unsurprisingly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Still, evaluating it on its own merits over the first three episodes, I’ve been overall happy with it. With plenty of runway left, It’s got plenty of time to disavow me of my approval… But I’m cautiously optimistic right now.

Overall, comparing the two feels very Apples/Oranges. Chief frankly isn’t really the same character in the games vs the show so far, and so many other characters and aspects of the story are very distorted mirror images of each other, too. Infinite told a great Master Chief (games) story IMO, and the TV show is (so far) doing a much better “human” Master Chief story than H4-5 ever managed.