Halo TV series NOBLE team spin off?

Finally watched the first episode of the halo series and had a thought. What if there was a spin off for noble team?

The S IIIs were kept a secret to the end days of the war so what if it was possible for a covert noble team series?

A show about Noble Team would have been exponentially better than what they did. The game gave us a much more brief snapshot of Noble Team’s lives than we have for any of the characters that appeared in the main Halo games, so show runners could have had a degree of more freedom with Noble Team without egregiously changing them from who they are in the game and books.

As the situation currently stands, I have no interest in the non-canon show made by people who don’t care about or even know the lore for the franchise, and I’d have no interest in any other shows they make. At least 343 made it clear that the show wasn’t canon, so future real Halo content won’t be tarnished by the decisions of these show runners. It’s such a shame that so much money and talent are being wasted on the terrible and unfaithful writing of the show.

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