Halo TV Series - Episode 8: Allegiance Discussion

Hey everyone! I made this post where we can discuss the 8th episode of the TV series. The episode premieres at 12am PST/3am EST. Enjoy and let’s discuss!


It was terrible, we had a -Yoink!- scene, master chief fell in love with blondy, then they broke up.

Everything seems really contrived.
Apparently 117 is as strong unarmoured as an armoured spartan 2.

Really hope it picks up every episode but always end up feeling disapointed.


Im getting bored of the series now.

I’ve been watching it episode per episode. I enjoyed the first one. It was was proberbly the only time Master Chief felt like Master Chief.

My second favorite so far is the last 20 minutes of episode 5 for obvious reasons.

I understand that this is suppsed to be a new version of halo and it has nothing to do with the games or books. But something epic has to happen becore the last 2 episodes brings the series to a close.

Also I don’t like the idea of emotionally controled spartans. I liked it better when they just relied on their own morals and training.


I first read the comments of our halo community, and all of them were gloating.
Just those screenshots and comments have made me almost out of breath with laughter.
It’s really strange for the screenwriter to arrange such a plot for such a hero in the player’s mind.Even though I know this guy is not the master chief in the game, I still think such a story is really weird.


To be honest, I’m a little different from the majority of the community. I’m not really bothered by all the changes they’ve made. My only real concern is that they’ve made a predictable, generic story to the point where I called Chief and Makee almost immediately. I get that the whole hero falls in love with the villain thus beginning their redemption arc is like a tried and true way of making a movie, but it’s been used up so much that it’s not interesting anymore. I can guarantee that Makee is gonna join back up with the Covenant but turn against them all at the last minute because Chief is in danger. She’ll probably even die after succeeding in saving Chief.


That sad part is in canon there is a Spartan that strong. Zane something, but she hasn’t made any appearance in a long time for the best probably.


Yeah she was in the Initiation comic right? That was almost as bad a fanfic as the show


I saw reviews and clips… This is the worst fanfic I know. Others alteast use some Alliance species in their stuff.
The show could/should have been a War Drama, Humanity backs to the wall, some action and tension between Spartans and regular Soldiers. Deep insights into the Alliances believes and the clash of Cultures inside it, bound by their shared/forced believe in the Great Journey.

Instead they made a Show where half of the reviews say: “I only watch this to keep making content.”? :skull:


My god I can’t believe this is genuinely the direction they’ve gone in. They continue to prioritize poorly contrived plots, make things feel way too fake and heightened (rather than gritty and realistic.) The bastardization of the original story is laughable.


Disappointing to see them continuously disrespect the entire plot of the main character.
I was really hoping they would take some risks and make a good sci-fi show, inspired more by The Expanse, Dredd, hell even Star Wars than trying to follow a series of cliches as a means to an end.

Regardless, overall the show on its own has been ‘good’. Loved the visuals early on, and Pablo honestly is the correct casting, there genuinely were moments where he was the Master Chief. But I’m obviously not the intended audience, no way I’m coming back for the finale or season 2.


Is it true that John 117 sleeps with the enemy, while shes a p.o.w., and cortana was forced to watch?


My question now is, how much it will affect this comments to the halo tv production? Someone needs to trash this tv show and make another one from scratch.


Nah its done this is our show for the decade, they made sure of that.

We got to wait for another decade to have a proper go at live action.


The show is right on par with infinite. Carelessly cobbled together nonsense put together by people with barely a passing knowledge of what Halo is and why people like(d) it.



The show isn’t Halo… They told us from the start it’s an “alternate timeline”. It’s nothing more than a show using the likeliness of Halo.


Up until now I was patient with the series. I made multiple posts defending and explaining why this show is taking wrong turns. Everything was taking way too long to actually start Halo. Finally, this episode manages to kick off the Fall of Reach story.

In the worse way possible!!!

Halsey tried to pull what she did in First Strike early, except that apparently she is jealous Chief boned Makee. Which is just weird. Both her watching and Chief doing that. Then Halsey wants to cut John out of anything. And she’s the reason Makee freaks out. Like, its obvious Halsey is a control freak and is digging her own grave, but the show doesn’t seem to be taking that on purpose when they should.

If they somehow manage to continue with their second season they would have to unwrite so much of Season 1 to make it better. Which effectively means everyone would be able to skip season 1.

Seriously, I literally just graduated with my B.A. in English- Creative Writing and Literature. I graduated last week. If there is anyone at paramount, showtime, or 343, please. I’ll send you my resume and any copies of published works. I’m not looking to blame any of the writing staff and I know insulting something and begging to work for it isn’t a good way to get hired, but I still have hope in this series and after watching this, it is clear you all need any help you can get. It isn’t too late to course-correct, but there is alot to fix.
Please, when the show is good, it is good. But these bad parts tank the entire show. I want this show to be good, but at this point, these choices (to an outsider) do not come down to budget, or the actors, or the directors. They are fundamental flaws in writing and logic. I don’t expect anything from this, but please. Hire people who can help fix these issues before the show gets canceled. Season 2 was already greenlit and if this continues most of your audience won’t be around at all to watch the end of season 2. You don’t have to hire me, as much as I want to help, I know I’m a random guy on the internet. But hire people who understand what makes Halo good. Yes, you can have romance, you can have Chief talk and show his face, you can have the same cast, art style, music, even the “lore” changes aren’t that crazy. But when you hinge your entire jumping-off point of the series off 3 parts, and the 1st one people could not care less about, and the 2nd hinges on a character that goes against what most people think of as the evil faction, and the 3rd is the best part but still has its missteps, then your show needs revision. If the show continues to have a season 2, I don’t care how, but take the time to use season 2 as a soft reboot already. The writing quality of season 1 cannot continue.


This episode actually made me miss the Kwan episode last week, like what the hell did I just watch.

There were some nice, small references. Was nice to see the covies finally glass a planet. But the meat of this story is just…what the hell.

I was okay with the concept of Makee, but her portrayal is just hilariously problematic and its like her entire character arc is done in like 1 episode. She flip flops cause she’s UwU for John and then flips back instantly due to some silly transmission from 5 episodes ago (which yeah, she was working for the covenant…they knew that…why does her being part of the attack make her bad in their eyes again now?).

Halsey going off the deepend is just nuts. I feel like 343’s had someone who hates halsey all this time and now they’re finally like “Yess! Now we can make her the true villain of halo at last!”. We had the Karen Traviss novels and halo 4, and then suspiciously around the time the show is announced, halsey ends up being okay again in 5, and then boom, here we go again.

I feel like there’s too much up in the air for the final episode. I’m assuming the ring is still going to be the end of season cliffhanger. But we have reach’s fall to get through, presumably these 2 keystones need to get together to do…something…kwan’s portal is presumably relevant to get there.

I mean, I know the Fall of Reach has gotten worse each time it’s been retold, but this show just takes the cake.


I think if they wanted this too succeed then they should done a bit more to actually develop these characters rather then have chief touch makee and call that love


That what I thought. Its the silver timeline not the gold timeline which is clearly superior


Really didn’t mind the episode at all and I kinda figured something was going to happen between 117 and what’s her name. Only because at the end of episode 6 John touched her face in a romantic way which was giving the viewers a heads-up before something was about to happen.

As for the scene where they showed a city that was glass was amazing and well done with the emotional side of things.
Just imagine you are playing with one of your friends online that lives across the world to wake up the next day hearing that your friend city was completely wiped out and glass. The population of that city was around 16 million people gone in a flash. Just thinking about it makes me sad which made feel something during that scene.

As for the fight scene it was interesting at the least. Like I found it kinda funny how John was fighting in a area you lift weights at. Just like when John beat up those ODST in the gym. As for the content it was cool seeing Chief getting stomped in the ground.