Halo TV Series - Episode 7: Inheritance Discussion

Hey everyone! I made this post where we can discuss the 7th episode of the TV series. The episode premieres at 12am PST/3am EST. Enjoy and let’s discuss!

I guess we know why Kwan’s kind of relevant now. Episode itself wasn’t too bad, but didn’t feel very halo at all.

…also were the rubble soren scenes supposed to take place after the rest of the ep? It seems he just teleports back to help her at the end, then leaves on his ship.

I’m not really a fan of a portal being way to reach halo. This show has beautiful ship models, why is it afraid to use them?

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The travel in ship seems really short between the Rubble and Madrigal, or maybe many days pass and we don’t see it.

The portal on Madrigal is really interesting and give well more interest in this planet. Even if it lead to the Halo, I don’t think the Master Chief will use it. In the games, he go on the Halo with the ship “Pillar of Autumn”, so it would be a really big difference in the show. Maybe Kwan Ha and Soren will use it to join him on the Halo, or maybe the portal will be an exit to quit the Halo !

The bad guy with the tiny sunglasses seemed like a good human villain for the series. And now he’s dead.

I dont know why kwan and Chief are linked either? This is something that is becoming too similar in Fantasy/sci fi series.

Warrior meets young boy or girl. Boy or girl is now warriors child/ destiny.

I still dont get what the point of Kwan is. So she directs chief to the portal and then she just becomes irrelevant again. At least Makee has plot potential.

Also I dont understand the mystics, they seem to be a completely different group ethnically from the rest of the planet, and are what…followers of Kwan’s family cause no one in her family just tells their descendant things?