Halo TV Series - Episode 3: Emergence Discussion

Hey everyone! I made this post where we can discuss the 3rd episode of the TV series. The episode will premiere at 12am PST/3am EST. Enjoy and let’s discuss!

Excellent special effects and exquisite props.
As for the plot
Why is UNSC in TV series so evil :frowning:
My friend thinks this TV series is more like Star Wars than halo.
As for my own point of view, I haven’t found the right English adjective.

This is the best episode so far. That doesn’t mean this series is good, but I did come out of this episode interested in where they’re going with things, which is much better than the last two.

Good points:

  • Feels the best production wise. Nice to see ships used for more than just random floaty things in the background.
  • I actually like chief this episode. Even before removing the thing he feels more…normal and not like braindead robocop
  • Characters feel more like they’re doing things rather than ‘going through plot motions’
  • Chief and Cortana I thought was fun and entertaining. Helped feel more like halo.
  • I actually don’t mind cortana’s look.
  • Having chief’s homeworld be some experiment somewhat makes the suppressed memory background perhaps more logical. Are all spartans from there in this? Its a big deviation from canon but one that isn’t making me go “whyyyyyy!?”

The bad:

  • The UNSC has junk planets where they have child slaves they beat if they disobey? What? WHAT!? I’m glad this is only in the first 5 min cause I think it might’ve tanked my impression of this episode. I guess we know why Makee now doesn’t like humans.
  • I’m starting to wonder what the point of silver team is in this show. They seem to be a weird stand in for ‘all the other spartans’ yet barely get any real screen time. Which is a shame, cause not-fred seems like he’s perfect for the role and I wish we had a show about him rather than this weird ‘re-telling’. Are they even coming on the new excursion? I still don’t get why they aren’t blue team but with race swapped Fred.
  • Similar to how Spartans having their mind wiped is like the exact opposite of canon, it feels weird Cortana in this universe chose neither chief nor or her own name, especially with the later being a point in Halo Infinite.
  • I find it funny how the actual illegal part of the “Cortana project” had already been done, but just sitting around in a pod until needed.
  • I don’t understand cortana’s projection thing. Is everything lined with holo-emitters now? Is she built into chief instead of being a chip in his suit? Its honestly really weird.

The UNSC has always been ethically questionable. The divergence has been that, up until ep 3, the Insurrectionists were coming off as benevolent underdogs when they were actually quite reprehensible in and of themselves (he says having only read up until Contact Harvest).

Anyway, ep 3 was cool. But tbh I need to rewatch. My overworked brain wasn’t registering very much last night.

I don’t quite understand where Cortana is. Is she stored in Chief’s brain, or does the implant permit her wireless access to his brain from an outside data center? Maybe it was made clear and I missed it.

So far, I’m really enjoying this show. Now that introductions are mostly out of the way we are starting to see plot roll.

As a long time fan it is nice to have that age-old hypothetical opportunity of re-experiencing your favorite content for the first time.

While yes, having a trash planet where you have child slaves sort through trash, that have guards that prioritize beating kids over running away from covenant, is something that’d be more appropriate in warhammer 40k, or under the empire in Star Wars.

The UNSC isn’t ethically questionable now, they’re going out of their way to be evil.


Tbh, I assumed that was a devastated and disenfranchised innie colony. Did the episode specify that world and who was in control? Again, I have to rewatch it for missed details.

EDIT: I’m perusing halopedia and recap articles, none of which specifies the world Makee was on. What makes you say it was U̶N̶S̶C̶ UEG?

Opening card calls it Oban, UEG Tier 2 Waste Salvage Colony.


The idea of a colony dedicated to collecting scrap is kind of silly as is, especially with how lightly populated most UEG colonies are. Having a slave force is next level rediculusness. It’d be like the US shipping scrap to australia just to have a poorly trained, poorly kept, labor force puruse it and ship it back.

That its ‘tier 2’ also somewhat implies there’s more than one of these planets too.

In canon Oban is a refugee system of survivors from the human-covenant war. I’m not really sure why the name was re-used for this.

It doesn’t sound silly to me at all. It’s a scrap yard likely out of the reach of UEG enforcement (or not important enough to deal with rn compared to the covenant) where economic desperation has pushed people toward brutally enforced child labor. This sort of thing exists irl.

I think you’re confusing this as an official UEG project when its much more likely to be a collapsed colony with a failed economy. It’s not even a far stretch from the core canon you describe.

I’m not sure that’s what tier 2 means, but I’m not all up on the lore as I once was. I assumed it meant something like degrees of separation from official UEG influence, but idk.

Thanks for the clip, btw. I still haven’t gotten a chance to rewatch.