Halo Trivia for Launch Events!

Hey, everybody!

I made this trivia for my Gamestop’s Halo 4 Launch event, and if you want to use it, then you’re welcome to! Hope everyone has a headache-free, happy awesome exciting launch event tonight!!!


Spoiler-Free Trivia!

Q: What is the title given to the race whom the Forerunner race believed that they inherited the Mantle from?
A: Precursors.

Q: How many SPARTAN-II candidates survived augmentation on August 30, 2525?
A: 33, from an original 75.

Q: Which SPARTAN-II was selected to train the Spartan-III’s alongside Chief Mendez?
A: Kurt-051.

Q: Which SPARTAN was said to be the second-best at everything, rather than only having a few things that he was better than the others at?
A: Frederic-104

Q: What was the recorded population of Humankind before the 27-year-long war with the Covenant?
A: 39 billion.

Q: How many colony worlds did Humankind have before the war?
A: Over 800.

Q: What was the original name for the program that created the so-called “Spartan 1’s”?
A: Project ORION.

Q: Which character from Halo is actually a surviving Spartan-1?
A: Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson.

Q: When presented with the opportunity, how did The Gravemind identify itself?
A: As a monument to all the sins of mankind.

Q: What is one key difference between Noble Team and normal Spartan-IIIs?
A: Any of the following: They are able to wear MJOLNIR armor, they received different augmentations, they are UNSC Army instead of UNSC Navy, they have much higher ranks than most SPARTANs.

Q: What member of Noble Team is actually a SPARTAN-II, NOT a Spartan-III?
A: Jorge-052.

Q: Name the names of the races of the Covenant, both the actual and the human-designated.
A: Elites/Sangheili, Brutes/Jiralhanae, Grunts/Unggoy, Prophets/San 'Shyuum, Engineers/Huragok, Hunters/Lekgolo or (Mga Lekgolo), Drones/Yanme’e, Jackals/Kig-Yar.

Q: What is the name of the only SPARTAN-II to have ever left the military and settled down?
A: Maria-062.

Q: And what was she asked to do in the Halo Graphic Novel?
A: Test out the Mark 6 MJOLNIR armor that was going up to the Chief on one of the MAC gun platforms.

Q: Who are the three main speakers in the Halo 3 Terminals?
A: The Librarian, The Didact, and Mendicant Bias.

Q: In Greg Bear’s novel “Cryptum”, which Forerunner received the memories and abilities of The Didact, and therefore became like a second instance of him?
A: Bornstellar Makes Eternal.

Q: Which ODST from Halo 3: ODST was a character in the Halo Legends episode: The Babysitter?
A: Miles “Dutch” Taylor.

Q: What show had a large chunk of its main cast appear in both Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST as voice actors?
A: Firefly.

Q: Where are Spartan-4 candidates selected from?
A: Consenting adult volunteers are recruited from both career military veterans and young soldiers who show considerable promise.

Q: Where are Spartan-3 candidates selected from?
A: Children within a certain age group who were orphaned by the actions of the Covenant.

Q: Where are SPARTAN-2 candidates selected from?
A: Genetically ideal children who had the highest likelihood of surviving the augmentations necessary to operate the Gen 1 MJOLNIR armor.

Q: What is the average running speed of a post-augmentation SPARTAN-II while NOT wearing their MJOLNIR armor?
A: 55KPH/34MPH. Kelly-087 hits 75KPH/47MPH.

Q: What did the speed at which John-117 perceived a weight pin to fall to the ground reveal about life as a SPARTAN-II after augmentation?
A: That the rest of the world seems to move in slow-motion for them.

Q: In Greg Bear’s novel “Cryptum,” who were the ancient humans allied with at the time of their war with the Forerunners?
A: The San 'Shyuum.

Q: Who was the first SPARTAN-II to die?
A: Samuel-034.

Q: How were the SPARTAN-II candidates kidnapped without arousing suspicion over their disappearance?
A: They had flash clones put into their place, so that people would assume that the kids had just died.

Q: What is the only race in Halo that cannot breathe in Earth-like atmospheres?
A: Grunts/Unggoy.

Q: How many SPARTAN-IIs are not confirmed to be MIA/KIA at the beginning of Halo 4?
A: Fourteen. John-117, Frederic-104, Kelly-087, Linda-058, Jai-006, Adriana-111, Mike-120, Naomi-010, Douglas-042, Alice-130, Jerome-092, Cassandra-075, Maria-062, and Keiichi-047.

Q: Which SPARTAN-II is on record as having successfully killed a Hunter using only his hands?
A: Will-043.

Q: How many Elites/Sangheili died less than one second after Kelly-087 got her hands on an Energy Sword?
A: Three. Cut in half.

A couple tips before you use this Q/A live and potentially make an -Yoink- of yourself:

-The Spartan-II success rate numbers question should not be used. There are too many ambiguities in the lore that are not yet addressed, and your answer could very well be wrong.

-The Noble Team/S-III question. The answer is incorrect in two ways: 1) All Spartan-IIIs can use MJOLNIR, it was just too expensive at the time for what was essentially three companies of suicide squads. 2) NOBLE received the same augmentations as the rest of their respective (Alpha and Bravo) companies. They just happened to be cream of the crop- it is said Noble’s members all had genetics more in line with Halsey’s criteria for a Spartan.

Might want those brushed up a bit before you bring 'em live. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for taking the time to post a reply.

That said, you are mistaken on a couple of things.

Will come back with how/why later. Gotta get ready for work!

Just another thing- for whenever you return- you may consider toning down the difficulty of some of these questions. That, or make a second list of more accessible questions. Only a few handfuls worth of Halo players are that in-depth on their lore, so you’ll probably draw more blank expressions than eager participants.

Rely on some of the previous games’ related lore, as well as more basic book related-questions. Such as: Name three Spartan-IIs other than John and Jorge.

Fun, easy questions that other players will be able to access and appreciate more fully.

Very cool, thanks for the trivia