I am making a small story based on the halo series. This is NOT official lore just something I wanted to write up in my spare time, each edition will be uploaded every Sunday. This might not always be the case but I will try to give you something in that time frame.

Series 1, Episode 1/10

UNSC Hanger Bay 06, Trident
Entering the bay as a recruit, I saw men and women who were veterans at this. Who knew what to do in a instant. I would look down at myself and see my shabby cadet uniform, pure white and black with grey boots. We stood there for what seemed like hours, staring at marines walking past and whistling at the women. Jake looked at me every time I did, he did not understand girls, probably cause they asked him out whilst he was on Mars. He was my best mate since the academy, we made a good team, often for the bad reasons. We would start fights, fail to bring in reports and often just normal sh*t.

After an hour, even though it did not seem like that, a marine sergeant walked over to us and arranged us into groups. Me and Jake, somehow, got into the same group with four other people, Joseph, Charles, Kris and Scarlet. The sergeant then took each squad one by one until our squad was left, the hanger bay was very quiet now, the slightest sound brought everyone onto alert, you could even hear a technician fixing a pelican, the slightest click of a bolt could be heard. The sergeant then addressed us.
“Green team, ATTENTION” the sergeant shouted, at the top of his voice. Our team had barley been on this ship for two hours and yet we hadn’t been ordered yet, it was a shock to the system for the entire team, trying to get themselves into order before he made us do laps.
“That was pathetic, cadets, you expect to be called soldiers with that kind of attitude.” Everyone in the hanger was secretly watching, although you would of never seen it.
“Cadets, Single file line”
We rushed to it, little coordination as we scrambled to get into another line, I saw laps before us that was inevitable. When we finally managed to get our act together we made our way to our new home.

UNSC Barracks 15

We entered our new barracks, looking at it, It was not that bad, a few holes here and there near the beds, one even had a drawing of a se*y girl marine near it. Jake jumped at the chance and got to it straight of the bat. We all made ourselves comfortable in our new found home. Joesph decided to play a card game with me, whilst scarlet went onto the computer. Kris decided to just take a nap whilst Jake enjoyed himself, I will not tell you how.