Halo tournament system

I know everyone is screaming about the battle pass progression and such, but I wanted to take the time to talk about the future of halo.

I was recently playing rocket league and decided to get in on one of those tournaments they have going on every day/so often. Then I had a thought.

Halo would thrive with this type of tournament system.

I think it would keep halo fresh and competitive. It would also make it much more fun for people who can’t get in on the big tournaments because of job/time related issues. Rewards could be simple as in large sums of XP or boosts or possibly even armor or coatings for weapons/armor in the future.

This is just a thought of mine, but I know I would LOVE to hop on with 3 other friends and be able to play in a small tournament that we could finish within just a couple hours. Maybe 343 will see this and consider it!

HCS has a huge roadmap in place.

You might need to describe what this rocket league system is for those of us that don’t know, and how it’s different from the HCS stuff.

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True, my bad. I figured rocket league was so big at one point, basically everyone knew lol.

So basically they just hold tournaments you can enter online, either with a team or you can solo queue and it’ll randomly put you with people. It’ll generate a bracket of I believe 8 teams to each side and, well, you play (obviously). The higher you place the more points/better rewards you can get. Not sure of you get anything special if you win, the highest I’ve placed in like 3rd or 4th.

These tournaments happen once or twice a day and there’s usually one late at night. I’ve only just started doing the tournaments so I’m a little short on exact details of how it works and I apologize for that. But I still think Halo would benefit from this.

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Sounds truly awesome, let’s hope 343 introduce this.

It does seem odd, most multiplayer games have the functionality to host a tournament and there is definitely demand but the game devs don’t implement tournaments.

Surely it would be too hard to set it up and the. It would just run itself.

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