Halo:TMCC free xbox live needed

I received ODST and the free xbox live gold for the compensation of the multiplayer not working in master chief collection, but i said no to apply the gold account.
Now i want that month to play halo 5 and since the message in my xbox account was deleted (by Microsoft) i would like to get that free month back. iv’e spoken to Microsoft support and they said post it on this because they couldn’t give me the free xbox live for some reason and said i would get it for posting on this.

Hey Brosafe, you should be able to get that back but Xbox Support should really have directed you to one of their forums instead (I guess the person you spoke to wasn’t aware the dedicated forum for MCC Compensation). You’ll want make a post over in this Xbox Support forum and someone there will be able to sort that out for you. More info in the MCC FAQ linked in my signature :slight_smile:

cheers man, will do