Halo tmcc ban system is ridiculous

I was playing with a friend, a frustrated player who sucked was being killed a lot and started to betray us. We lost lifes and the rocket. We quit. Next game two idiots were betraying us and each other, we were forced to quit again and got a 4 minutes ban, when we reported them we noticed they had bad reputation. Next game an idiot died three times in a row and quit, letting us three against 4 players who were killing a lot. My friend is noob so he was being slaughterd . So we had to quit again and got a 10 minutes ban. So the point is the ban has to be only with the first player who quit and we need to punish with permanent ban the iditiots who betray and quit habitually. Or not ban anybody, because the iditos who betray and quit always are going to be there harming other players.

You can review the information in the appropriate ban thread linked below. Betraying will result in a ban as will quitting. Both are harmful to the other people playing. Both breach the rules of matchmaking. And just because someone breaks one rule doesn’t give you license to break another.