Halo Theme Remix - "Combat Evolved" Music Video

Halo Theme Remix - “Combat Evolved”: Remixed, ReArranged & ReOrchestrated by me for the Fans of the Halo Series…

Halo Theme Remix - “Combat Evolved” Music Video

Warning : This version is way faster and does not sound exactly like the original,
but that was the point of this version. To take the halo theme and do something new with it.

The main feature of this remix is the halo main melody (Choir in the original)that i complety rewrote in 3/4 measure and composed actual harmonies to accompany it. It is also faster paced than the original.

Every instrument and note that you hear has been carefully programmed and mixed by me.
This is part remix, part rearrangment and part self composed. Its meant to be seen more of an expansion rather than a copy.

My aim with this remixes is not to replace or copy the original but to show a new perspective on a well loved track and make a new piece of music that can stand on its own.

The Fan Made Music is accompanied by cut and color graded footage from various halo trailers and cutscenes.

Original Music written by
Martin O’Donnel & Michael Salvatori

Remixed, Arranged and Orchestrated by Pascal Michael Stiefel

Please watch the video in glorious HD !

Absolutely fantastic! Bravo! Bravo! =D

Wow. If this was the main theme of Halo instead of the actual main theme, it’d be just as epic.