Halo- The tower that needs rebuilding

ever since 343 took over this franchise, it’s been falling down hill. 1 reason is because they don’t listen to us, the community! They aren’t looking at what the people want, they are looking at what they see as popular. This needs to stop 343, please end this before it goes too far.

In order for Halo 4 to be a halo game once again, and not some stupid sequel to Halo:reach (remember,this was a SPINOFF, NOT A SEQUAL TO HALO 3!), it needs to be changed drastically. I don’t think any game has needed such an overhaul like this one. So please 343, listen to what I have to say.

The first thing I am to address is customization. This is not what Halo is about, not one bit. Yes, armor customization was fun and all, but honestly, all the new games are emphasizing their “customization”, this is NOT what halo is about. Halo is a game in which you fight for your weapon of choice, not start with it. This single handedly made halo different, more than the other reasons(to me atleast). It was always about beating someone with the same gun as you because they weren’t as skilled as you are. Making you deserve that power weapon you and the enemy were both going for. Now it’s some game where your class is what made you have an upper hand, and making it the soul reason that you got the power weapon. Classes were never a good idea, and don’t need to be added in upcoming halo games.

The second thing to go over is Armor abilities. These were fun to use and just joke around with, in Reach. That was reach, This is the squeal to Halo 3, NOT THE SEQUEL TO HALO REACH. 343, get that through your thick skulls, and stop making halo 4 like halo reach! This means that AA shouldn’t exist in Halo 5. It should be the equipment that was in Halo 3. There shouldn’t be the choice to start with a DMR, BR, or anything except for the AR (unless the playlist or game mode changes this such as SWAT). So if you DO make a Halo 5, replace AA with equipment. GET RID OF THESE ONCE AND FOR ALL!

The campaign was also a let down. The story was… decent. But, it wasn’t entertaining fighting off enemies through it. It seemed like you were just in many little skirmishes, and made the campaign not have any memorable fights. I can remember the Halo 3 campaign like I did it yesterday. The tank ride in which you blow up a phantom, and one of the marines say, “tank beats everything!” that made my day the first time I heard that. Halo 4 on the other hand, I didn’t find any fun in it at all. The ghost run, wasn’t fun. The space jet ride, wasn’t fun. The pelican driving, wasn’t fun. 343i just made it seem too bland, and not engaging. Like in halo 3: ODST, There wasn’t any action due to you being alone in a city trying to find your way. The small skirmishes captured the idea of you being alone. That’s what it feels like throughout all of Halo 4. Alone. There was almost no epic and huge fights as some of the missions in other Halos

My final topic to go over is Custom Games. These need to be revamped. They have become too limiting, and need to have a wider variety of options. There has been a thread by Time glitch that is one of the biggest threads on the forums at the current moment. We need our options back. Bring them back before you lose a large majority of the players in this community- The forgers and custom game players. With the current options, there is literally no possible way to make a race map and ACTUALLY race on it. There is no way to turn off sprint, and many more problems. Time Glitch has made a patch list for 343 to read on what exactly they need to add. If 343i makes these changes on his thread, then the custom game community will be flourishing once again. So please, go to his thread here https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst127421_Custom-game-options-are-unacceptable--343.aspx

Currently 343i has brought down the tower that is Halo. Bungie set this franchise up in a perfect way, and it’s time for you to rebuild it.
Now are you going to listen to the community? or are you too busy making map packs?